The greatest man ever to walk the earth

Throughout the course of history, there have been many great men (and women) who have made a lasting impact on society with their great deeds.  Of all those many great people, the best one lived nearly 2000 years ago. He was not some great ruler of a country nor was he a famous scientist or doctor.  No, this man was a carpenter. He lived only about 34 years yet his life and especially his death have impacted millions of people for many generations. This man is none other than Jesus.

With Easter coming up next weekend and people of the Christian faith like myself reflecting on the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, it is also interesting to look at Jesus and what type of man he really was.  The thing that really strikes me, when I study his life, is his great passion and love for all people and his humility.  He also wanted people to pass on that kind of love to their neighbors as well. Imagine if everyone in the world applied that concept today? He often spoke of humbling yourself and putting others ahead of you. He was no doubt a big celebrity back then but you would not know it by his actions.  It was considered a very humbling job back then to wash someone’s feet but Jesus did this to his disciples. He took time to serve other people, especially those in need. He was not too big time to help anyone out.  Just the fact that he was willing to give up his life to help all of mankind is no greater testimony of his character.

I often wonder what Jesus would think if he were living in today’s world. I think he would be outraged and saddened by our society. Those things that I mentioned above are sadly lacking. People are very self-centered these days and Jesus would strongly condemn that type of behavior. He would also condemn people who are trying to change the way the bible is being interrupted today. The same teachings that applied 2000 years ago also apply today!!

In today’s secular and troubled world, Jesus and the followers of the Christian faith are often mocked and ridiculed. It is frowned upon to even show a display of Jesus in a public place or mention his name in print. To me, that is very sad that people are so ignorant about a man whose teachings could make such a big positive difference in our world today. I would strongly recommend anyone who thinks that Jesus was just some fantasy folk hero to really study who he was and about.  Your attitude may change completely.  Our world would be a much better place if more people actually applied the teachings of Jesus to their own personal lives.

I challenge anyone who claims to be a follower of Jesus to put words into action this week.  Maybe you need to go down to that local homeless shelter and assist in any way you can. Or volunteer to clean the bathrooms at your workplace when nobody else want to.  Perhaps you can pay for someone else’s meal at a local restaurant. Jesus would not think twice about doing these things so why not you? There is no better way of honoring the greatest man ever than following his example.


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