The death of an awful president

Whenever a president or ruler of a country passes away, there is usually a period when people reflect on how that person will be remembered and what kind of legacy he or she will leave behind. Such as the case with Hugo Chavez, the president of Venezuela, you know, the guy who we gave cancer to. Judging from the responses I am seeing since his death last week, it is safe to say that he will not really be missed in this country. I for one will not miss him and will probably not start up any Hugo Chavez memorial pages on Facebook anytime soon. The guy was a complete moron and deserves to be remembered as a very mediocre president or should I say dictator.

There have been far worse rulers in the history of world and many more cruel and violent ones as well. But as far as running a country, Chavez failed miserably. Unemployment and poverty was very high, inflation keep up its steady high rate under Chavez’s watch and crime continued to skyrocket. His policies divided many people and created one of the most polarized countries in the world. You see, Chavez was a big time socialist who wanted to cater to the poor at the expense of the middle and upper class.

You can argue whether that type of rule is fair or not but what is not fair is how he treated his opponents. Nobody in the country dared to criticize him or the government or else they would be censored immediately. Imagine having Fox News or Rush Limbaugh being taken off the air because they said something critical of President Obama. And Venezuela is suppose to be a Democratic country? What a joke!! He controlled what was said on television and who ran against him so he would not lose power. With that type of control, why even bother having elections? Just appoint Chavez as president for life!!

Venezuela has a large supply of oil and there is absolutely no excuse to have that many poor people who live in poverty. Chavez claim to fame is to help the poor but his policies probably made many poorer. How can you possibly claim to be helping out the poor and have that kind of unemployment? His talk about helping the poor was just a publicity stunt designed to win him votes. I am sure he probably helped a few poor folks but the poverty and unemployment stats do not lie.

Sadly, I see so many parallels between the country of Venezuela and our country these days. There is more and more class warfare debate, unemployment remains high and there is a record number of people out of the job market. Sometimes I wonder if certain politicians secretly study the Chavez playbook of governing and want to apply those policies to the United States. We all know that Chavez was a big supporter of socialism and I see some of that type of thinking trying to be applied in this country. The fact is that socialism has always failed and will continue to fail. Capitalism, not socialism brings people out of poverty and helps the poor. Maybe Chavez should of studied Ronald Reagan and learned how to properly govern and run a country.

A good example of how NOT to run a country is the 14 years of Chavez rule. He was a failure and just proves that socialism does not work. And by the way, God is the one who gave Chavez his cancer, not the United States!!



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