The Washington sequester battle

Suppose that you got your credit card bill after Christmas and like many people, it was totally maxed out. In order to pay off that debt, you make a bold plan to cut your monthly spending by 3 percent. Do you think you can do that, cut 3 dollars out of every 100 that you spend? Maybe you can make a huge sacrifice at the grocery store and buy a few more generic items or maybe skip a trip to one of your favorite restaurants. I highly doubt most people will have to make any real huge sacrifices and probably could easily manage a small cut in their spending habits. I certainly could!! So why is there so much fuss and worry about the upcoming sequester cuts that will take place on March 1st if an agreement is not reached? 

To put this battle into perspective, the amount of spending cuts is roughly 85 billion dollars out of a 3.5 trillion dollar budget. That is roughly 2-3 percent of the entire budget. And assuming the cuts are made, federal spending for this year will still be higher than last year! Is it really that difficult for our elected officials to knock off that small amount?

If you listen to our president this week and probably for days coming up to the deadline, he is talking like the world is going to end. Thousand of people will lose their jobs, funding for police officers and first responders will be cut, there will be no inspection of meat, teachers will not get paid and long lines will take place at airports because of a cutback on security. It will be doom and gloom for our country.

I agree a little with the president that there will be some hardships for certain folks particularly those in the military. Cutting military spending the most at this time is a huge mistake. About half of the cuts involve our defense spending and I have some issues with that. We live in a very dangerous time in our world and while we do need some cuts in military spending, it should not get the brunt of the cuts. Instead we should look at curbing the out of control entitlement spending. That is the real issue and should receive the most cuts. There is absolutely no reason why we could not cut a small percentage of that type of spending each year until we get our deficits and debt under control.

President Obama’s solution to this problem is in his own words is a balanced approach. Any time a political figure talks about a balanced approach, the t word is sure to come into play. It is absolutely insane to raise taxes again. Our economy is struggling right now and Obama wants to continue to raise taxes on the people who actually create jobs and can get this economy going again. His plan will lead to continued stagnation of the economy and certainly will not help it grow. In my opinion, the best way to get rid of the debt and deficits is to grow the economy and get more and more people paying taxes not just the wealthy. Combine that with small spending cuts and we can easily get our country’s financial mess back in order.

It is a very sad day in our country when there is so much debate about cutting a meager 3 percent from this year’s federal budget. Most normal Americans could easily do that from their budgets and still live comfortable. Why can’t the federal government make a small sacrifice like that? But unfortunately, this battle is just another political game of blaming the other party. I hope everyone in this country can see how ridiculous this battle really is. If there really will be undue hardship to people because we cut a meager percentage from the budget, then this country has some very serious problems.


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