The unjust elimination of Olympic wrestling

When most people think of wrestling, thoughts of Hulk Hogan, The Undertaker, The Rock, John Cena and Ric Flair come to mind. That soap opera brand of fake wrestling has been very popular in this country for years and undermines what real wrestling is about. Wrestling is one of the world’s oldest sports and is one of the purest forms of sporting competitions there is. I personally think many amateur wrestlers do not get the attention they deserve. It is a very demanding sport both physically and mentally and requires an athlete to think quickly. Now the International Olympic committee with no good reason wants to take the sport out of the Olympics and ruin the dreams of many thousands of wrestlers all over the world.

I see absolutely no justification in this decision at all. And no, I am not some wrestler trying to persuade my cause. I can understand the Olympic organization desire to cut back on the number of athletes in the games, but aren’t there other sports they could consider? No offense to any of these athletes but take for example beach volleyball. How many college athletic departments have a beach volleyball team? I am willing to bet many more have a wrestling program. There is already a volleyball competition at the Olympics so why throw in beach volleyball? I love watching the female babes running around in the sand, serious eye candy for a guy!!. But should beach volleyball really be an Olympic sport? And that holds true with other sports. I would try to find ways of not cutting any sports and even add more.

For many amateur wrestlers, the Olympics is the ultimate goal. Many athletes spend hours of hard work and sweat training for that dream of one day standing on the medal podium. I believe taking wrestling out of the Olympics would greatly damage the sport and affect participation not only here in the United States but all over the world. That would be a shame because it is a great sport for many young men and some women to take part in. It is very inexpensive and teaches so many positive things about life to someone.

I hope the Olympic committee will reconsider their decision and not drop wrestling. The Olympics should be about amateur competition and wrestling is one of the last pure amateur sports that we have in the world. It has a long and storied history in the Olympics and cutting it would take more of the already diminishing amateur status from the games. I want to see more, not less, amateur athletes in the games whose ultimate dream is winning a gold medal. The many thousands of amateur wrestlers around the world deserve better. I hope the IOC will wake up and realize what a mistake they just made. Wrestling needs to be saved and be a permanent Olympic sport.



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