The sad praise of a cop killer

The Christopher Dorner saga finally ended last Tuesday with his death and a closure to a rather scary manhunt that certainly had the southern California community on edge. Dorner allegedly killed 4 people including a police officer and a sheriff’s deputy along with 2 innocent people. He also took hostage a senior couple for a short period.

Like many people in this country, I began to follow this story with a good deal of interest. It was a total mystery as to where Dorner was and if he was going to strike again. It even occurred to me that he could be anywhere in the country, even in my backyard, a rather scary thought!!

But my interest in this story slowly turned to outrage when I heard about people actually supporting this lunatic guy. A Facebook page was put up in his support and someone even had the gall to say he should run for president. He also received many supportive tweets on Twitter. Even the major networks seemed to give this guy a pass and talked about his manifesto and how he was allegedly fired improperly and was a victim.

If Dorner was treated like such, why didn’t he hire a lawyer and sue the crap out of the department? It appears that his main goal was to bring to light, the corruption of the LAPD and how he was another victim. Instead, this guy decided to take matters into his own hands and get revenge by killing law enforcement officers and innocent people. You have to wonder if he was that kind of nutcase while he was on the force and that caused his firing. Anyone who goes out and kills innocent people has to have some serious mental problems and it is a rather frightening thought that this guy was once a police officer with a weapon.

People who support this guy really have some troubling issues for themselves. Do you really support someone who is obviously some bitter maniac with a score to settle? He killed some innocent people and you are supporting him? Come on!! Suppose it was one of your loved ones that he gunned down? Would you feel the same way about him then? How do you know that he was unjustly fired? There is no prove that he was, only his own biased words. I think it is a sad day in our society when people actually throw their support to some criminal and so much attention is given to him instead of the poor victims and their families. Whether he was fired because of race is not the real point here. It is the actions of a rather disturbed individual who decided to harm and terrorize those who did not deserve it. 

I do not like to see anyone die like Dorner did but usually that will happen when you get involved in a shootout with police and law enforcement. In a year from now, nobody will remember who Dorner was. His actions did very little, if any at all, for his cause of exposing police corruption. It may have only reinforced the decision to fire Dorner was the proper one. Sometimes the best method of getting revenge is through the court systems not through your weapons. Your legacy will stand out much better as well. The individuals who supported Dorner and continue to are fortunately, only a small group. Your support for a killer is very troubling and you need to take a good hard look at yourselves. Dorner for president? What has our country come to?!!!



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