A Super Bowl wish from this Viking’s fan

Sometime tomorrow night, fans in either the city of Baltimore or San Francisco will be celebrating a big Super Bowl victory. It will not be the first time this has happened. The 49ers have won multiple Super Bowls and the Ravens won the title back in 2001. So you can say that fans in these cities have a little experience in basking in the glow of seeing their team win the most coveted prize in professional sports. Meanwhile, here in cold Minnesota, another season has passed and another season without a Super Bowl title for our beloved Vikings. In fact, it has never happened. We are zilch and 4 in appearances in the big game. The last appearance happened in 1977 when the purple were soundly trounced by the Oakland Raiders. I still remember that game as a young lad and storming away from the television set after the purple fell further and further behind. It was one of the darkest days in my childhood!!

Since that game, the Vikings have come close and reached the NFC title game on more than a few occasions. They are 0-4 in NFC title games and two of those games were among the most painful in franchise history. In 1999, the Vikings had the best team in football finishing 15-1 and hopes were high on winning the Super Bowl. However, the Atlanta Falcons rallied and shocked the Vikings in OT at home. I still remember the Vikings field goal kicker missing his first field goal of the year, a simple 38 yarder that would have sealed the game. That was the most agonizing game until 2010 when the Vikings played New Orleans for a trip to the big game on the line. The Vikings were marching down the field at the end of the game and seemed certain to be setting up for an easy field goal attempt. A 12 men of the field penalty and bad interception ruined there chance at going to the Super Bowl. And to add insult to injury, the Saints ended up winning the Super Bowl.

Sometimes I wonder if there is a curse with the franchise similar to the Chicago Cubs. Certain teams are just destined not to win a Super Bowl and I believe the Vikings fall into that category. This is not a weak franchise by no means. They have had many great teams which should of won the Super Bowl but failed. I think you can argue that they should have been Super Bowl winners at least 3 times but should have, would have does not count.

I often wonder what it would be like to see the Vikings win the Super Bowl. Will this happen in my lifetime? I think the odds are good that it will. There is so much parity in the league now that I think more and more teams will have chances to win the big prize. How will I react when Adrian Peterson holds up the Lombardi trophy? I don’t often cry now over a game but seeing that would cause me to get very emotional. It has been a long painful road for this fan and I hope to see that happen. Well maybe next year, who knows! It would be one of the most memorable days in this state. The Vikings break the curse and win the Super Bowl. That would be totally sweet!!


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