Thoughts on Obama’s 2nd term

About a week ago, President Obama was sworn into office for another term and judging from his rather liberal sounding speech, he seems to be set on solving the real problems of this country, climate change and gay rights. The economy? The huge debt? A budget? I heard very little, if any mention at all, of those real problems that should have been brought up. Instead, he delivered a great speech for people like Al Roker, who nearly wet his pants when he saw his hero walk by.

President Obama will no doubt face some difficult challenges in his second term in office. The economy is still struggling, many people are still out of work or woefully underemployed, gun control and immigration needs to be addressed and of course we have that runaway debt that eventually will ruin this country. So what are his priorities in his second term in office? Judging from his rather lackluster first term, we could be in for another bumpy, four more years.

You may remember that during his first term, he decided to focus most of his attention on health care instead of fixing our poor economy.  People were struggling to make ends meet and here he was trying to ram some partisan health care law done our throats.  I personally think the 2nd term will be just an extension of his first term. He will no doubt try to force a very liberal agenda through congress and there will constant battles between him and the Republicans and some many people of his own party. If you love political fights,  you will love his second go around. It promises to be interesting.

So who is going to stop him from passing his agenda?  Does anybody have any confidence that the Republicans are going to succeed in blocking Obama from getting his way. I highly doubt it! Obama has a huge PR advantage over the Republicans because he has the media in his back pocket! They love the guy and will blame the Pubs for failing to pass any of his agenda.  The Republican party has very weak leadership at the present time  and I cannot see how they can be very successful in defeating some of Obama’s radical ideas.

In my opinion, there are two main things that President Obama must focus on in his second term. Lowering the unemployment rate by helping the private sector and doing something about the runaway debt. This will mean that he and the Democrats will have to finally make a budget. I would have a lot more respect for him and his party if they came up with a bipartisan federal budget.  This should be his number one priority in his second term. State governments run on budgets, companies run on budgets so why does the Federal government not have one right now? It makes absolutely no sense!! Of course, hell will probably freeze over before that happens!!

Obama talked about the importance of togetherness is his inauguration speech. I hope he takes his words and applies them to his second term. All of these problems that our country faces will only be solved by politicians on both sides of the aisle working together including the president.  If you don’t get your way, then try to compromise. It seems like it is “my way or the highway” with this guy. The way he divides people is very troublesome, not only in Washington, but around the country. This cannot continue in his second term. The country seems to be very divided on many issues. Good leaders bring people together and work out solutions. They do not point fingers and blame other people.

I am hoping for the best in the next four years but I see many problems coming done the road. It will be very interesting to see how Obamacare will work out when it starts next year.  There will no doubt be a lot of new taxes that will hit everyone. How are people going to respond to that? If the economy continues to go at this pace and the unemployment and underemployment rate stays the same, Obama will face even greater heat from the American people.

People talk about how the Republican party is in trouble and are on the verge of being extinct. That is total hogwash!! I think the Democrats should be the ones being worried. If Obama’s agenda fails,  they are the ones with egg on their faces!! I think this would be a great opening for Republicans and Conservatives to capitalize on. In 2016, people may be asking how are we going to clean up after 8 years of Obama policies.  I hope I am wrong for the sake of the country and future generations but given what has happened in the last 4 years, why would the next four be any different? Buckle up Americans, we are in for a rough ride. And hold onto your wallets!!








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