Manti Te’o’s fake girlfriend and lessons to be learned

There are always stories that come out which makes you scratch your head. It is like, huh? What happened here? This makes no sense!! Such as the story with Manti Te’o, the former Heisman trophy finalist from Notre Dame. Of course, sports stories do tend to be on the bizarre side these days, especially the off the field stuff.

I actually felt for the kid back a few months ago when it revealed that he lost not only his grandmother, but his girlfriend, allegedly on the same day. It was all of the press and touched the hearts of many people around the country. I became an instant fan of Manti and was hoping that he would win the Heisman. Now, I do not know what to think!! It was revealed that Manti’s girlfriend was not real after all. This is one of the greatest hoaxes of all time!! I am sure there is much more to come about this and how much Manti knew. An acquaintance of Te’o was supposedly behind this hoax and it will be really interesting to find out the full story once all the facts come out. Heck, this is better than anything Hollywood could come up with! I personally believe Te’o must have know something and the main reason behind the hoax will be revealed later. How could some guy actually fall for a hoax like this? Even the dumbest person in the world should have been suspicious.

This stuff of fake girlfriends and boyfriends is all over the internet. Somebody tried to hook me in about 5 years ago and failed. I immediately became suspicious when the person lied about her location. I chatted awhile with this individual and she or maybe he? did not have a clue about certain well know things about their city. I was totally blown away when she talked about how great I looked and how she was starting to fall in love with me. After chatting for 20 minutes?, Come on!!! Of course, she also needed some money to help get her grandmother out of the hospital. Can you spell fraud!!!

Sadly, a lot of guys get hooked up in these type of things. For all we know, Te’o might of been one of them. Love and loneliness can completely shut a guy’s brain down. I know of a few very intelligent guys who got suckered into these online scams. They are very easy  to do. All you need to do is copy of picture of someone and you are off running. It is a rather cruel hoax to put on someone. I find it hard to believe that Manti did not make an effort to meet this alleged gal. If I met someone online, I would want to meet her within 3 months if possible. Going a year without meeting raises even more suspicions about what went on.

Manti Te’o will be a high round draft choice but how high he goes could depend on the outcome of this story. Sure he was completely ignorant and stupid if he fell for this hoax but if he was involved in this hoax, then he is equally stupid because that will cost him millions. I doubt too many teams will want to draft a dishonest, headcase who lies about a relationship. I would really have second thoughts about drafting a guy with character issues. Of course, some team will probably end up drafting him but you would think this would really affect his draft position.

In the meantime, stay tuned. The National Inquirer must be foaming at the mouth over this story!!




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