Political correctness gone too far

It is safe to say that political correctness is one of the most controversial topics in our society today. What one person thinks if offensive is totally acceptable to someone else. In this day and age, you are totally at the mercy of the pc police for every little comment that you make about minorities, people of different sexual orientation or religion. One slip of the tongue has landed many folks in hot water and has costed many their jobs. I often wonder if some of those perfect pc police people go too far such as the case last Monday night during the college national championship football game.

As you may have remembered, the announcer of the game, Brent Musburger, decided to liven things up during the course of a rather dull game. A camera shot came up of Katherine Webb, the former Miss Alabama and hot girlfriend of Alabama quarterback A.J. McCarron. Musburger wasted no time in talking about how beautiful she is and suggested that any young football player should be a quarterback so they can get hot women like Webb. Oh how dare Mr. Musburger say something like that!! What a shame it is that he complimented a woman on how beautiful she looks in front of millions on national television! What kind of respectable man would say something like about a woman? A 73 year old man is not suppose to compliment a young woman on her looks, that is creepy isn’t it?

Well, apparently ESPN thought this little episode went too far and made Musburger apologize for his statements. In all my life, I have never seen anything so ridiculous!! Is it now wrong to give out compliments to people on television? Musburger’s statements were not in any way offensive or lewd. If he was talking about her body parts, then it would have warranted an apology, but calling a woman attractive is not even close. I am completely shocked that ESPN made Musburger apologize. It was extremely foolish for the network to do so.

If the network is going to start making announcers apologize for certain remarks, why not make them apologize for using harsh language such as saying “this is a damn good game” or “that was a hell of a catch”. That is much more offensive especially when you have young children watching. I cannot believe that our society has come to this new low!! I didn’t know that calling a woman beautiful could be so wrong but the pc police apparently think so.

I wonder who complained about those statements by Musburger. I am willing to bet it was probably was a bunch of jealous feminists who wish they looked like Webb. Football games are watched by mostly men. A lovely looking lady shown during the course of a game only adds to the flavor of the game for us guys. If you are offended by it, then just turn the channel and watch something else.

Musburger did not deserve to get treated like that and be forced to apologize. A man should not be forced to apologize for complimenting a woman. I am very happy that Webb agreed and said Musburger did not offend her. ESPN deserves to be called out for being way too politically correct. There are far more serious comments to be concerned about. We are done with society if a guy cannot flatter a woman with gracious comments. Shame on ESPN and the uptight pc police. I bet 99 percent of women in this country would love be complimented on national television like Webb was.



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