Thoughts on the bad fiscal cliff deal

Suppose that you have this recurring heartburn problem. You go see your doctor and he listens to you as you describe your symptoms. Then he asks you what your diet has been like recently. You reply that you have been on this special diet consisting of the hottest and spiciest foods that you can find. Pizza one night, Mexican the next followed by Italian. Hmmm says the doctor, maybe this will cure the problem. He pulls out a jar of jalapenos and orders you to take a few every night before bed. Sounds silly? Well that is what I feel like after listening to those fiscal cliff talks last week and what some lawmakers think is the solution to our budget problems.

A good portion of this fiscal cliff debate was centered around taxing the evil rich people and what kinds of rates they should pay. You probably saw our wonderful President get up before the cameras and talk about having them pay their fair share. He seemed to be hell bent on making this happen. Let’s soak some rich person so we have more revenue coming in. Of course, Obama got his demand passed and now everything is fair in this country, right? I doubt this will be the end of his taxing demands. More is certain to be on the way.

The sad part of this is that several spineless Republicans gave in to his demands and now the tax rate is higher for those making over 400k per year. In this deal, there were virtually no spending cuts at all, only tax increases. My question is this, what did we really accomplish by spending so much time on figuring out how to get more taxes from the rich when the real issue of spending cuts was not even brought to the table? Oh, we will discuss them later. Sure!!! By making this deal, it does bring in a little more revenue from the tax increases but only funds the runaway government spending for about 9 days. There is absolutely no guarantee that our economy will not be hurt by these tax increases. There are several business owners who will have to pay higher taxes and to make up for their losses, they will probably cut back on things like payroll and not hire or lay off people and cut benefits. People who make that much are not dummies with their money and they will find a way to make up the added tax burden. The average middle class worker could get screwed by this.

Why spending cuts was empathized in this debate is beyond me!! Our federal spending is becoming a major problem. The thought of raising the tax rate without any real cuts in spending is totally ridiculous!!! And to top it off, this deal adds another 4 trillion dollars to our deficit!! That is totally insane!! What are these people who we elected thinking? This is another black mark on this bill.

I found it a little interesting that the payroll tax relief was not extended and 77 percent of Americans will have more taken out of their paychecks this year. For all the talk about protecting the middle class, this is a blow to the middle class, pure and simple. Why could they have not extended this for even one more year? Now the average working family will not have the luxury of another 1000k in their pockets this year. In a bad economy, this would of been a nice extension but once again, certain politicians were not on the ball!!

There are going to be other deal deadlines coming up this year. The fiscal cliff deal is just a sample of things to come. I am just hoping and praying that some politician in Washington will have enough guts to stand up and say this is not right. The American people and their kids in the future are getting screwed by all this nonsense of deficit spending and tax increases. We need people in Washington who actually have a backbone to stand on their principles. I do not care whether it comes from a Republican or Democrat. Please use some common sense on these deals. Higher taxes and tax increases never work!! If you want more tax revenue, please find ways of growing the economy so more revenue is generated. And find ways to limit spending based on tax revenue.

This fiscal deal is nothing to celebrate about and does absolutely nothing about our real problems. It is just kicking the can down to road. Oh, maybe we can look at spending cuts a little later. That is ridiculous!! Look at it now before it is too late and our country goes into bankruptcy. Do we have any leaders in Washington who will take on these problems? Absolutely not! It is just the same partisan politics and blame game. The president deserves a lot of heat over his lack of leadership in this deal. Funny how it took his VP to actually get things done. If we continue to have bad leadership from both the President and leaders of the Republican party, more bad deals like the fiscal cliff one are bound to happen.  And the average American will suffer the consequences.


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