The best postseason in pro sports

If you follow professional sports like myself, you probably have an opinion about what sport has the best postseason. Some people I know actually like those long, dragged out best of 7 series that takes place in the NBA and NHL. Others love the story lines that postseason baseball often brings out. All those sports have great playoffs and drama but I feel the best postseason is courtesy of the National Football League.

The main reason I say this is that every game is an elimination game. You know how exciting those game 7’s can be. Well, every game in the football playoffs is loser go home, winner stays. I love that one game format where everything is on the line. A bad break or bounce and you are out of the playoffs. You do not have another game to fall back on. It is now or never and I love that as a fan. Combine that with the popularity of football and you have a great recipe for huge television viewership.

Another reason I love the NFL playoffs is the unpredictability of the playoffs. How would of thought that the New York Giants would come out of nowhere and win the Super Bowl last year or the Green Bay Packers the year before as a 6th seed. This year is no exception. I see a number of teams with a great chance of hosting the trophy on February 3rd. There is absolutely no clear cut favorite in the field. To me, that makes for a very exciting postseason. The NFL has done a great job is building parity and it really shows in the playoffs. I find it very dull in other sports when you can pretty much predict who will play in the championship series. The NFL is totally different. If you can predict at least one team that is going to the Super Bowl, than my friend, you might want to get on a plane and go to Vegas because betting is in your future.

My final reason is the Super Bowl and conference championship games. Is there a better Sunday on the calender than when the conference championships take place? In my opinion, it might even be better than Super Bowl Sunday. Nothing beats the excitement of seeing a berth in the Super Bowl on the line. And of course, is there a better and more hyped up game than the Super Bowl? I personally think that day should be declared a national holiday. You do not even have to like football to enjoy that day.

I know there are many fans in 12 cities, including mine, who are particularly excited about the playoffs since their teams are a part of the postseason. I wish a lot of luck to those fans. My Vikings have had numerous postseason appearances only to fall short many times. I love the excitement that a good playoff run can bring to a city.

The month of January can be a very depressing month but not if you love the NFL. The playoffs are like having Christmas extended another month. It is hard to beat the excitement that NFL playoff football brings.


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