Kevin Love’s negative statements

The big sports story here in the Twin Cities during the last few days has been the Kevin Love interview with Yahoo Sports. In the interview, Love expressed some negative feelings towards the management of the Minnesota Timberwolves, most notably, the owner Glen Taylor and the director of basketball operations, David Kahn. Anyone who follows the NBA knows that Love is one of the league’s new rising stars and might be arguably, the best power forward in the game.

In the interview, Love talked about his unhappiness with not being offered a maximum contract, members of the organization doubting his injury and his frustration with not making the playoffs and what seems to be  an unending turnover of players. If you happen to be a Timberwolves fan like myself, you have to be a little concerned with the interview and what might happen in the future.

I wholeheartedly can feel Love’s pain and understand his frustration.  The Wolves might be one of the worst run franchise in professional sports. No team has ever made as many bone-headed personal moves and draft choices as the T-Wolves. I could write about 5 paragraphs of all the screw ups that this team has made. Kahn and Taylor certainly deserve their share of the blame. If Love leaves because of their mistreatment of him, both of those gentlemen deserve to get booted all the way up to Canada by us Wolves fans. It would be the ultimate mistake of this franchise!!

In business, good, valued employees deserve the best treatment possible by management. A good management team will try at all costs to make that valued employee feel as welcome as possible, whatever it takes. Love is a very valued employee and could make the T-Wolves contenders for years and make Taylor a boat load of money. But when you question whether Love is a superstar because he has not led his team to the playoffs or question whether his hand injury is legit, those are serious accusations and certainly not the way you treat a rising superstar and a guy who can make your franchise great.  What are you thinking guys?

With the addition of Ricky Rubio last year and the solid play of Nikola Pekovic the Wolves have a pretty solid, young nucleus of talent that should help Love. A few additions here and there could make them a strong contender very soon. However, if Love decides to leave in a few years, I highly doubt Rubio will stay either and the franchise will be back to square one.  It would be one of the worst management blunders in sports history.  The team is getting some good buzz around this area after several down years and seems to be on the verge of becoming a hot ticket around here. If I were Taylor and Kahn, I would do everything in their power to keep Love and please make the guy happy would ya!!!

I hope that Love, Kahn and Taylor can meet soon and hash things out. The longer this goes on, the deeper the rifts becomes and the harder it would be for Love to stay here. Why would he? Why should he play in this market? Kahn and Taylor need to realize that they need him more than he needs them. Great players like Love come along only once in a while.  Losing him will set back the franchise again for years and basketball fans in the Twin Cities deserve better. Kevin Love is a great player and person. He deserves to be treated like a franchise player.




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