10 great Christmas gifts for a guy

Last week, I wrote a blog about 10 Christmas gifts for guys that should be avoided at all costs. This week, I’m going to change things up and talk about some great gift ideas for that male on your shopping list. Of course, every guy including myself would love to get one of those nice cars that are endlessly being advertised during this time of the year. Imagine opening the door and seeing a nice new ride with a bow on top parked in your driveway. That would be totally sweet!! But in the meantime, let’s get back to reality and here are some great gifts for any guy.

1. Ipod touch.  One of the best new gadgets on earth. Most electronic gadgets are a good buy for a guy. We love our little electronic devices. I get an uncontrollable drooling sensation when I walk into an electronic store such as Best Buy.

2. Tickets to a pro or college sporting event. Guys love their sports and attending a game in person is a great experience. It is much better than watching a game on television. I would go more often if I had the money.

3.  Apparel of his favorite team. I am not talking about some cheap 20 dollar t-shirt. How about a nice polo shirt or better yet, a sweater or sweatshirt with his favorite team’s colors and logo? It is not always a good idea to buy clothing for someone but this is an exception especially if he is a big fan of a team.

4.  A car phone charger. One of the best little and practical gifts that I have ever gotten.  Occasionally, I go on long road trips and that type of charger is a must!!

5.  A gift card to a nice restaurant. Do you have any good steak houses in town? Fast food places do not count!!!

6.  A collection of CD’s or  movie DVD’s. Every guy likes movies and most have some sort of favorite music that they enjoy listening too. You cannot go wrong with either. They are great simple ideas.

7.  A fancy coffee or beer mug. For instance, a personalized coffee mug with his name or of his favorite team. The more outrageous, the better.

8.  A gift card to a men’s clothing store. Instead of buying that new tie for your guy, let him pick it out. Or that dress shirt and pants.

9.  A scenic wall picture. A co-worker of mine has a wall picture of Pebble Beach in his cubicle.  It is so amazing!!! Maybe your guy is into fishing. A large picture of a fishing spot in Colorado would be a great idea.

10.  A magazine subscription.  Most guys have hobbies that we are passionate about and there are so many magazines that cover all sorts of interests. I personally think Men’s Health magazine is one of the best ones. It covers so many topics that men deal with.

These are just a few of many good gifts for guys. Being creative and knowing your guy is half the battle. Just stay away from the knitted slippers and underwear gifts and you should be fine.


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