Remember the less fortunate during this season

Despite the tough economy, many people in this country have it pretty good. We flock to the malls and retail stores with visions of buying that perfect gift for a person on our Christmas list. People line up for hours on Thanksgiving just so they can get a good deal on some fancy electronic gadget or other high-priced material thing such as a flat screen television.  I’m willing to bet a good majority of those folks don’t even stop and think about how lucky they are to be able to buy such lavish things.  However, for many families across this country, the thought of buying a nice gift for members of their family is only a dream.  Some cannot even buy a single toy for their children and that is very sad.

The Christmas season, unfortunately, is a time when place far too much emphasis on presents and other material things and not enough on helping the poor and needy. I personally think everyone should at least consider giving a certain percentage of the amount they spend on Christmas presents to a charity such as the Salvation Army.  I always feel a great sense of happiness in donating because I know some poor family will benefit. Maybe I helped buy a poor little girl a new doll and put a big smile on her face.

There are many other ways one can help out those in need. You might have a neighbor who just lost their job or have been out of work for a few years. Times are tough for them and they are hurting financially. Why not invite them over for coffee and give them a check so their family can have a wonderful Christmas?

Besides struggling financially, so many people do not have families to spend Christmas with and will be alone. I cannot imagine how awful it would be to sit at home, alone during Christmas.  It could be a senior citizen who lives close to you. I know many seniors who live alone and their families hardly every visit them. It would be a wonderful idea to invite them over for dinner on Christmas. They would greatly appreciate it. Simple random acts of kindness like that can go a long way in bringing happiness to someone.

People should remember that Christmas is really about the birth of Jesus Christ.  During his time on earth, Jesus spent a great deal of time helping those in need and the poor. Why not honor him on his birthday and do the same thing? It is not only a good thing morally but the way we do things in this country. We always have been known as a very generous country and Christmas should be a prime of example of that. Your generosity could make someone have a very memorable Christmas.




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