Jack Taylor’s overrated 138 point game

The buzz of the sports world during the last few days has certainly been the 138 point game by a division III college player name Jack Taylor. On paper, this appears to be the greatest performance by any single player since Dr. Naismith first invented the game. But is it really? In this man’s opinion, it is far from being so and quite frankly, his performance was somewhat overrated and a travesty of the game.

As someone who has played and watched basketball for many years, I tend to look at all the stats of the game before really judging a player’s performance. In some cases, a player’s worth to the game is not always reflected in the box scores. Some guys are very good at setting screens or taking charges and changing shots, however, those parts of the game do not get noticed by the typical fan. It is always the guy who scores the most points and that is very sad.

Sure Taylor deserves credit for scoring 138 points but look closer at his stats for the game. First of all, he took 102 shots. That is totally insane!! Any offense built around a guy jacking up that many shots in a game is absolutely pathetic!!  Taylor missed more than half of his shots on offense and only made 27 or 71, 3 point shots. It was not exactly like he was red hot and could not miss. He also collected a grand total of zero, yes zero assists! I wonder how many rebounds, charges, blocks he also got. Or how many points he allowed with his defense. You have to wonder why his teammates even bothered to cross half court and play on the offensive end!!

Basketball is a team game of 5 on 5, not 1 on 5. Teams are successful when everyone is involved not only on offense but on defense. Having one guy take nearly all the shots is not a recipe for winning basketball. I have to wonder why Taylor’s coach even allowed this to happen. He ought to be ashamed for allowing this publicity stunt to happen. That is not real basketball.

It is very disturbing to see this kind of garbage get the level of publicity it got. I wonder how many other kids out there will see this and get inspired to score 100 points in a game just so they can get their 15 minutes of fame on Sports Center. It is a totally selfish way of playing in my book. I will take a guy who averages a triple double every game and actually makes his teammates better over some ball hog, shot happy guy  every time. I hope that Taylor will open his vision up in the next game and see that he has 4 other teammates playing with him and maybe pick up a few assists.




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