Things I’m most thankful for

I think ever American should take a few moments on Thursday and think of maybe five things that they are most thankful for. We all take many things for granted in our lives.  Sometimes our kids drive us crazy but they are actually a wonderful blessing that you probably take for granted.  We don’t realize how special someone is, like a parent, until they are gone.  I can go on and on but we all need to focus on all the positive things and blessings in our lives instead of always dwelling on the petty, little negative stuff.  Thanksgiving is a great day to do that. I would like to share a few things that I’m most grateful for.

1. My very supportive family.  I know many people who come from broken families where nobody gets along and there is constant bickering. That is far from the case in my family.  I was lucky enough to have a mom and dad who really cared and loved me. My dad is no longer with us but he was a tremendous influence on my life as well as my mom, the most generous woman in the world.  My sisters are outstanding, caring loving people as well and great mothers. I can say the same for all of my cousins and their families. I do not have any children but my nieces and nephews are very special people in my life.

2. My job.   I am grateful to have a good job with many good benefits as well having a chance to work with so many great people. I never dread going to work.  My tasks vary each day and I do not always do the same old thing, day after day.  There are certainly rough days but in the grand scheme of things, I’m very fortunate to have a job that I like.

3. My health.  Everyone who is healthy is guilty of taking their health for granted. I know I certainly do. But imagine what those poor folks who have to go through rounds and rounds of chemo to treat their cancer are thinking? They are just hoping to someday regain their health.  I am grateful that I can run, jump, workout and play sports without any physical limitations. Many people are not that lucky.

4. My country.  Sure there are problems in this country but there is absolutely no better place on earth than right here in the United States. Even the poor have it great here. Imagine living in a country where there is constant violence and lack of freedoms.  We have it way too good here. I think everyone should spend a month in some third world country. Maybe they would have a greater appreciation for this country and the many things it has to offer. I am also very grateful that I can practice my religion in this country without being persecuted and thrown and prison.

Those are just a few things that I am thankful for. Before you sit down and stuff your face with turkey and other good foods, think of a few things that you are very thankful for. It might surprise you how long that list might be.




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