My 2012 Turkey of the Year awards

Thanksgiving is a time when we can sit down and reflect on the many blessings that each of us has been given. It is also a time when we can honor those who richly deserve being called a turkey. Maybe it is a friend or relative like that loud mouthed uncle who claims he is just as good an athlete now as he was in high school and promptly goes out and pulls a hammy during the annual, family Thanksgiving touch football game.  But my focus is on those celebrities who, quite frankly, made huge turkeys of themselves since last Thanksgiving and there were many!! My committee had a very difficult time with all the nominations and I want to take my hat off to them for the hard work and extra hours. So without further delay, let me give you my list of finalists for the prestigious award.

1- Ozzie Guillen.  It is one thing to praise a dictator but to do it in an area that is filled with people who escape the dictator is simply foolish. Praising Fidel Castro in Miami is not exactly the best PR move for a team looking to fill their seats.

2- Roseanne Barr.  Her statement wishing cancer on anyone who eats at Chick-fila was totally cruel and is just another example of the wacky behavior for some who support gay rights. They want tolerance but fail to have tolerance to those who disagree with their views. I would not wish cancer on my worst enemy.

3- Bobby Petrino.  When your having an affair with someone, you might want to keep it as secretive as possible and the worst thing possible is to get into an accident with your mistress. Stupid move which cost him his coaching job.

4- Dick Morris.  It is a common practice during election time to have many political pundits give their thoughts and predictions. Morris is a pollster who predicted Mitt Romney would win in a landslide.  Good old Dick forget to factor into his equation, minority president + huge minority turnout = re-election for minority president.  It is not rocket science!!

5- Yahoo News.  We all know the media was very biased during the election but Yahoo News took it to another extreme.  Their subtle, little, headlines during the campaign totally favored the president and made Mitt Romney look bad. It was so totally obvious!! I like Yahoo but their news and reporters are very second-rate.  It is sad considering many folks especially younger voters do not watch the news or read a paper.  They get their news online.

6- Chris Christie.  Funny how it works in politics. You rip the other party’s president to shreds during a speech but when your state, really, really needs federal assistance, you’re the president’s best friend and buddy.

7. The NFL replacement refs.  I realize these guys were totally outmatched these guys really took officiating down many levels. I have seen better calls at high school games and many of them are probably headed back there to learn.

And the big winner is…………….. Yahoo News. Congratulations on doing such a fine job for campaigning on the behalf of Barack Obama and doing your part on getting him elected.

Before I end, I would also like to give mention to those who were given serious consideration but fell short of reaching the finals. Joe Biden, Todd Aikens,  Candy Crowley, Mike Bloomberg and Big Bird. See you guys next year.


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