Thoughts on the Hostess layoffs

A very sad day for me occurred yesterday when the death of the Hostess Twinkie was announced. Twinkies have been a part of my fine diet for many years, well not really!! Anyways, I hope the Twinkie can come back to life in the near future and be tastier than ever.

The sad part of this announcement is that some 18,000 people will be laid off from their jobs. Especially sad is the timing of these layoffs, just before Christmas.  Imagine if you lost your during this time of the year? Not exactly a great way to start the best 4 weeks of the year.

The disturbing part of this story is that these layoffs could have been prevented if a little compromise would have taken place.  Union leaders asking for unreasonable demands on a company going through bankruptcy and then going on strike when they could not get their way. Is anybody really surprised the layoffs occurred? The company had no choice and the foolish union people should have seen this coming!!

I find it amazing that so many union leaders talk about how they stand up for the workers and want to make sure they get a fair shake.  I totally understand why we have unions. Workers often get shafted by management in many companies but union demands as often just as bad and they need to be called out as well.  Many union bosses just screw the rank and file and are only concerned with lining their own pockets with cash. Or collecting money for a particular political party of their own choice, not the workers they represent.

Unions are becoming more and more of a problem in this country especially government unions.  Many states in this country are having problems financially because of the heavy burden of pensions with state employees.  Sooner or later,  the nice benefits have to stop if they bankrupt a state. Nobody benefits from that scenario and everyone, especially the tax payer gets screwed. Unfortunately, many union leaders do not look at the total picture when negotiating for their workers. The Hostess situation is a prime example of that.

I hope all those bakery union leaders can sleep well at night after knowing what just happened. Their greed and stupidity just sent 18,000 people home without jobs and probably a very difficult Christmas.


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