Thoughts on the election and looking ahead

Certain outcomes happen in events that make you scratch your head. I see it all the time in sports. Some teams, despite having a lousy record, rise up to the occasion and upset a much superior opponent.  After the game is over, people will tend to analyze the game and make their conclusions on why the less superior team won. The same can be said about politics and elections. On Tuesday night, we had the same situation when a team with a less than stellar record won and reclaimed another term in office.

There has been much discussion and spinning after Tuesday about what happened. What lead to President Obama’s victory and Governor Mitt Romney’s demise? There have been many theories ranging from the higher than expected voter turnout among minorities and young people to the hurricane and how it stopped Romney’s momentum.  After thinking about it myself, I came to the conclusion that Romney had just too many barriers to overcome.

One of his biggest hurdles was the very biased media on television and on the internet which really hid the truth about President Obama.  One example was the situation in Libya, which was virtually ignored by the media and received very little coverage. Media both on television and on the internet have a big factor in influencing people. There is no question about it.  Imagine if Obama was a Republican? The press would have run him out of Washington!!

The second barrier that Romney had to overcome was the charisma and celebrity status of Obama.  He is the first black president and has that star power that appeals to people. In our culture, that seems to get votes and it works.  He was assured of having the black vote no matter what type of job he did. I think most minorities were attached to him since he was one of them and that is a huge voting block of people in this country.

The last barrier was the simple fact of the unexpected high voter turnout among minorities and young people.  Obama is more hip and has more MTV appeal than Romney and that helps him with young voters. Minorities are a given vote to any Democratic candidate.  Many are afraid that they might have to give up their freeloading way of life and get a job if a Republican took office. I don’t think that speaks for all poor people but many would rather just sit at home and collect their handout. Talking about how getting a job would probably be a waste of time. Why should they work when they can get free goodies from Obama and not have any work requirements to receive their gifts from the government?

So what do the next four years hold for this country? In my opinion it might be the worst four years since the great depression.  I cannot see things dramatically change from where they were during the last four years. Unemployment will still be very high, due in part because of Obamacare, energy prices will go up, health costs and premiums will go up,  income levels will stay the same or dip again, we will have more regulations and of course, the much talked about fiscal cliff. Is anyone out there optimistic that will get settled. It may well get settled to the tune of higher taxes not only for the rich but everyone else.  And what about the runaway debt? Are we going to go into bankruptcy? I also expect this country to be further polarized by things such as class warfare, taxes and gay marriage. There will definitely be some rough days ahead for us.

If there is a silver lining to any Republican or Conservative out there is this.  The liberal plan of big government will be out there for all to see how it works. When it fails like it has many times, not only here but in other countries, people will wake up and see the light. I can certainly see a scenario in 2016 when people in this country will be sick of this socialism type of government and elect someone different. I think the odds of that happening are pretty strong. In the meantime, I just hope Obama changes his tune, works with Republicans and does not flush this country down the drain.


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