The clueless voter

We live in a democratic country and most everyone has the right to vote.  I respect that and think  it is wonderful when a huge number of people show up at the polling place on election day.  However, you have to wonder what is going on in the mind of the voters who walk into those polling places. Have they done their research on the issues and candidates for whom they are voting for? And do they understand the consequences of their choices? I personally believe a disturbing number of people do not.

Since the election took place last Tuesday, I have heard many interviews and opinions on why people voted a certain way. Some people voted for the president solely on his response to Hurricane Sandy. Really? Many folks still feel it is George Bush’s fault that the economy is still in the tank and did not want another Republican in the office.  I heard some people say that the rich people are not paying their fair of taxes. Other people voted more on the lines of social issues especially gay marriage. I heard one young college age voter say that Obama was cool and that was why he was voting for him.

I respect people’s opinions but some of those answers are extremely narrow-minded and show a bunch of ignorance. I realize that gay marriage is important to some people but there are far more important issues facing this country. It is really sad that many people base their vote on one single issue and do not look at the big picture of things. Sure it is great to support a candidate who promises higher taxes for the wealthy and making them pay their fair share but have you looked at the consequences of that policy and the effect on the economy? Or the candidate who promises many entitlements to people without having a way to pay for it.

I especially have issues with many young voters under 25 or 30.  There are some young voters who are sharp and understand things but many do not have a clue.  Many do not understand how the economy or business works and probably think the GDP is some new app to put on their phone.  I was in that group until I started to see how certain policies affect my job and way of life.  It was then that I started to pay more attention to politics and how things work. I think most older people can relate to what I am saying.

I wish more people would actually look into all the issues and put aside their own personal biases and be open-minded. And most of all, do your homework before voting and look at the many sides of an issue. I am a strong believer in looking at what has worked in the past in forming my opinion as well. But all these things take effort and most people do not want to spend time studying the issues. We get what we vote for either good or bad. It is sad when so many misinformed voters go out and vote for things that have such huge consequences on our nation for not only now but in the future.


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