The sad aftermath of Hurricane Sandy

Oh, I couldn’t happen here or to me! I think that is the attitude that many Americans have when it comes to huge natural disasters such as the one that just hit the East Coast.  We all live in the comforts of our homes and never have to worry about gas, food or shelter. Life is pretty good for us. But put yourself into the shoes of those poor folks in New York. Many have had their homes totally destroyed by this storm and millions are still without power. Seeing images on television of destroyed homes, flooding, people lining up for miles to get gas and so on really paint a picture of what those poor folks on the east coast are going through.

I heard a woman the other day call out to the President for help but does anyone really think the government can come through with flying colors and provide leadership to help those folks? I certainly doubt it!! Much like Hurricane Katrina, the help has been somewhat less than ideal, which is pretty typical when you involve government agencies for a disaster. I found it very appalling that the mayor of New York would even think about having the New York marathon take place. Sure the race takes in some big bucks for the city, but the duty of any mayor is to take care of the city’s residents first and foremost. All available resources should have been used immediately!! For the most part, I see a lack of leadership in this crisis.  I guess nobody should really feel surprised by all of this.

One of the great things about this country is how everyone rallies to help people in need. I see many donation sites and many folks all around the country are chipping in and helping out. Not only are people helping out with their pocket books but so many are volunteering their time and resources to help those in need. Our country’s greatest strength is its people and that will prove crucial in helping rebuild those areas and helping people get back on track.

My deepest thoughts and prayers go out to those people who are suffering. I can just feel their pain when I see them being interviewed on television. I just want to reassure them that the whole country in behind them. Natural disasters are just a part of life and there is little anybody can do to stop them.  I just hope many people will step up and help these poor people. It will take more than some government agency for assistance.  We all need to chip in. After all, you or I could be in the same situation some day.


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