The best sporting event to attend

If you’re a sports fan like myself, chances are that you probably have attended many sporting events in person. Sure it is nice to plop down on the old couch or easy chair, crack open a cold one and watch the game on your nice big screen television. But every once in a while, you probably get the urge to actually attend one of those games in person and be a part of the crowd. So my question to you is this. If you had a choice of attending any sporting event, high school, college or pro, what would it be and which sport?

I am one of those people who have attended many sporting events in my life. All 4 major league sports at least once, a couple of PGA major events and several college and high school games.  If  I’m going to spend my hard-earned money and time on a game or event, I want to be totally entertained and willing to come back for more. For me, my favorite event to attend would have to be a big time college football game.

Now some people who know me would be shocked at my answer because I am a hoops junkie. I go to many basketball games but there is something about a big time college football game that is second to none.  And it all has to do with the atmosphere and level of excitement surrounding the event.  To me, atmosphere is a crucial thing in drawing me to an event.  There is no better atmosphere in any sporting event than a big game between two bitter rivals.

It begins when you arrive. The smell of the food from the tailgating and the enthusiasm of the fans is what I first notice. Much like the players have a warmup to the game, that is my initial warmup. And then I walk into the stadium and can just feel the tension and excitement. The band is playing, the cheerleaders are going through their routines and so on. The crowd gradually builds and the student sections get louder and more rowdy. Finally the players arrive on the field usually from a tunnel and the crowd noise really gives me goosebumps.

After much what seems like forever, the game begins and the not only watching the game is fun but observing the students holler and cheer is totally worth the price of admission. The tighter the game, the more the louder they are.  I know some people have problems with crowd noise but I personally think it is  one of many key things that makes a game enjoyable to attend. If you don’t like noise then stay home!! Besides the students, I love listening to the band and of course, I admit watching the hot female cheerleaders!

Finally the game ends and the fans file out of the stadium and back to their everyday lives. But for those four plus hours, all worries of the world are forgotten. I just believe college football brings out the best atmosphere and excitement for any sport. It has everything that a good sporting event should have and is what real sports is all about. That is why I believe college football is the best bang for your buck if you love to attend games.




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