Joe Biden’s debate behavior

I can safely say that most people probably agree with me on what makes someone very unlikable. We all encounter them in our lives ranging from the arrogant, know it all co-worker to the disrespectful family member. Showing arrogance and lack of respect towards someone or a group of people is a sure recipe on to lose many friends. During last Thursday night’s debate, our vice president put on a show on how to be disrespectful and rude.

VP Biden’s demeanor during the whole debate almost made me want to throw a fist in my television. His condescending facial expressions and head gestures along with his constant interruptions while VP candidate Ryan spoke were totally classless and rude!! I was also appalled at how disrespectful Biden was in constantly referring to Ryan as his friend. Like he is just some young guy off the street instead of addressing him the proper way.

Ryan on the other showed a great deal of poise and respect. I wish he could have been a little more aggressive but overall, he did a good job and matched every comment that Biden made and more.  His closing statement was far better than Biden’s.  Dealing with the wacko Biden was not his only problem. He also had to deal with a very poor mediator who constantly cut off him during his answers. It seemed at times he was debating not only Biden but her.

Sure Biden was more aggressive and that probably sat well with some people. But I expect our elected officials to show class, character, respect and calmness when faced with adversity. A true leader does not act like Biden did during the debate. It was Ryan who showed what a true leader is. Unfortunately, we have too many politicians both Democratic and Republicans who act like Biden did and you wonder why people dislike and distrust elected officials. My friend VP Joe Biden gave a great a performance on how to act like a jerk and unfortunately, it undermined any positive things he may have garnered during the debate.



One thought on “Joe Biden’s debate behavior

  1. Very well put, sir…
    And yet when I read the newspapers the next day they spoke of a ‘spirited’, ‘feisty’, ‘passionate’ man, or, if they couldn’t spin it properly, instead said that both candidates sniped at each other. Very good point about the closing statement–his earnest and sincere remark of ‘asking for your vote’ struck a chord with me.
    I wrote a blog and expressed the same sentiments; please read:

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