Obama’s big advantage

Gimme an O, gimme a b, gimme an a, gimme a m, gimme another a. What does it spell? You are correct, Obama.  If that sounds like something you might hear when you tune in to the evening news on ABC, CBS or especially NBC (National Barack Company) you are absolutely correct.  The networks are full of cheerleaders for the president and not only on television, but in many newspapers as well.

When I tune in for a newscast, I expect a very fair and unbiased approach to the news, especially concerning politics.  People generally form their own opinions from what they see being reported on the news. Most people do not bother to research any of the candidates and pretty much just go on the information given to them on the network news or what is reported in the paper.  A news organization or newspaper can have a huge impact on the election based on how much negative or positive coverage they give a certain candidate.

A classic example of the media bias took place just recently after the killing of a U.S. ambassador on September 11.  All of the major networks decided to focus their attention on the comments of  Mitt Romney and whether he spoke way too soon about the attacks.  Instead the coverage should be been focused on the Obama administration and how much they knew about the attacks. Many in the media went along with their lame excuse that it was caused by a mob upset over a film. Funny, but just recently it was discovered that this was a full-fledged terrorist attack on an embassy with very little security. Where was the unbiased reporting on this and why were the networks not covering this apparent cover up like they should be doing? Why wasn’t the president taken to task for this incident?

The same biased reporting can be said of many newspapers in this country too and many news outlets on the internet. Instead of taking Obama to task for some of his policies which have only made matters worse in this country, they are taking aim at Romney with lies and distortions.  Some do it in a very small but effective way with negative headlines.  I often chuckle to myself when I see reporting on the polls. So why should I even vote? They make it sound like the election is in the bag for Obama.  What they do not tell us is how the numbers are heavily Democratic skewed and not a true sample of the people who will actually vote.

The media bias is probably the worse that I have ever seen. But I have to admit they are doing a good job of being a part of Obama’s re-election campaign. With a vast amount of pom-pom waving media members for Obama, how can he possible lose?  We will see how effective they are on November 6th when the real polls come out.


One thought on “Obama’s big advantage

  1. Its hard to even watch news on TV these days, they really don’t give any information, they repeat the false statements and false claims of desperate politicians and candidates who want to keep their voters by handing out other people’s money.

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