Romney has my vote and here is why

In about a week from now, many citizens of this country will go to their local polling places and cast a vote to determine whether President Obama will get a second term or Governor Mitt Romney will take over and become the new president. It is a huge election with a lot at stake and I cannot remember a time in my life when I was more anxious to vote than this upcoming election. Not just to fulfill my civic duty but to do my part in getting rid of one, if not the worst administration in the history of this country. Governor Mitt Romney is my clear choice to become the next president and to me, it’s a no-brainer. I am still trying to figure out why anybody in their right mind would vote for another 4 years of failed after failed policies of this current president.

It seems like just yesterday, a young senator from Illinois was about to become our first black president and along with it, plenty of promises to change things around for the better of this country. It is amazing how so many people in this country did not look beyond all the glamour and glitz of this guy and look at who he really was, just another radical liberal. His ideas about the economy, business, energy, health care, foreign policy are downright silly and have a history of failure not only in this country but in other countries as well. It is very apparent that President Obama probably has never taken a class in economics or business. With so many people out of work and the jobless rate remaining very high for so long, I find it very disturbing that people feel he and his policies are the answer.

There is little doubt about what is the biggest issue facing Americans these days. It is the economy and the very high number of unemployed or underemployed people we have. Of all the many blemishes in Obama’s record, the one that stands out the most in my opinion is the fact that personal household income has dropped nearly 4500 dollars in the past 4 years. That is totally unacceptable and speaks volumes of the way the economy has struggled during the past 4 years. Sure Obama took over a difficult situation, but other presidents have as well. Look at what Reagan had to deal with in 1980 and the turnaround he produced. It has been done and I don’t buy all this whining about how he inherited a tough economy. You got elected to fix the problem and if you cannot do it, get out and let someone else do the job!!.

Unlike President Obama, who has very little private business experience, Governor Mitt Romney has plenty of experience dealing with business and has had many successes in the business world. One of his biggest moments came when he managed the troubled Winter Olympics and turned things around with great leadership. As governor of Massachusetts, he inherited a financially strapped state and turned things around leading to a budget surplus. His knowledge of business and fiscal issues can go a long way in helping our country deal with the high unemployment and ever increasing debt (5 trillion added on since Obama took office). There is absolutely no way our economy will grow with that kind of debt. It is refreshing to know that a politician like Romney actually understands this problem!

I hear knocks on Romney about how his plan to cut the deficit does not add up. As slick Willy said, the math does not add up. The problem with that argument is it does add up with new jobs and more people working, thus a higher tax base. Cutting taxes for everyone even the wealthiest does work! It has been proven to be true in several states around this country in recent years and has been proven to work in the past. Just look at what happened when Kennedy, Reagan and Clinton were presidents. There is a blueprint for creating economic prosperity and it does not involve heavy government spending. Liberals such as President Obama think it does but one just has to look at what is happening in Europe to understand that this is just another failed liberal idea. I cannot understand why Obama wants to make the wealthiest pay a little more. They are the job creators and why would you put an unnecessary burden on people who run businesses and invest? A sure way to kill jobs and keep the unemployment rate high and personal income down.

A mark of a good politician is being able to step across the aisle and work with the other side. It is very crucial in any type of issue. During his term of governor, Romney worked with many Democrats and got things done. That is often not discussed about Romney. On the other hand, the only time Obama probably stepped across the aisle was to chastised some Republican. The health care bill was a prime example of that. A very partisan bill which is extremely disturbing considering  the impact it will have on this country and the economy.

On November 6th, people will have to make a choice. Do you want to elect a failed president for 4 more years and hope he can change or do you want someone else come in and try to fix things?  In my opinion, Mitt Romney is far more qualified to come in and fix our major problems of a slow economy and a growing debt. His background in business and working as a governor puts him miles ahead of Obama. I like President Obama personally and think he is a great family man but not a president. It is time for a change of leadership in this country and I think Governor Mitt Romney is more than qualified to do the job.





The best sporting event to attend

If you’re a sports fan like myself, chances are that you probably have attended many sporting events in person. Sure it is nice to plop down on the old couch or easy chair, crack open a cold one and watch the game on your nice big screen television. But every once in a while, you probably get the urge to actually attend one of those games in person and be a part of the crowd. So my question to you is this. If you had a choice of attending any sporting event, high school, college or pro, what would it be and which sport?

I am one of those people who have attended many sporting events in my life. All 4 major league sports at least once, a couple of PGA major events and several college and high school games.  If  I’m going to spend my hard-earned money and time on a game or event, I want to be totally entertained and willing to come back for more. For me, my favorite event to attend would have to be a big time college football game.

Now some people who know me would be shocked at my answer because I am a hoops junkie. I go to many basketball games but there is something about a big time college football game that is second to none.  And it all has to do with the atmosphere and level of excitement surrounding the event.  To me, atmosphere is a crucial thing in drawing me to an event.  There is no better atmosphere in any sporting event than a big game between two bitter rivals.

It begins when you arrive. The smell of the food from the tailgating and the enthusiasm of the fans is what I first notice. Much like the players have a warmup to the game, that is my initial warmup. And then I walk into the stadium and can just feel the tension and excitement. The band is playing, the cheerleaders are going through their routines and so on. The crowd gradually builds and the student sections get louder and more rowdy. Finally the players arrive on the field usually from a tunnel and the crowd noise really gives me goosebumps.

After much what seems like forever, the game begins and the not only watching the game is fun but observing the students holler and cheer is totally worth the price of admission. The tighter the game, the more the louder they are.  I know some people have problems with crowd noise but I personally think it is  one of many key things that makes a game enjoyable to attend. If you don’t like noise then stay home!! Besides the students, I love listening to the band and of course, I admit watching the hot female cheerleaders!

Finally the game ends and the fans file out of the stadium and back to their everyday lives. But for those four plus hours, all worries of the world are forgotten. I just believe college football brings out the best atmosphere and excitement for any sport. It has everything that a good sporting event should have and is what real sports is all about. That is why I believe college football is the best bang for your buck if you love to attend games.



Joe Biden’s debate behavior

I can safely say that most people probably agree with me on what makes someone very unlikable. We all encounter them in our lives ranging from the arrogant, know it all co-worker to the disrespectful family member. Showing arrogance and lack of respect towards someone or a group of people is a sure recipe on to lose many friends. During last Thursday night’s debate, our vice president put on a show on how to be disrespectful and rude.

VP Biden’s demeanor during the whole debate almost made me want to throw a fist in my television. His condescending facial expressions and head gestures along with his constant interruptions while VP candidate Ryan spoke were totally classless and rude!! I was also appalled at how disrespectful Biden was in constantly referring to Ryan as his friend. Like he is just some young guy off the street instead of addressing him the proper way.

Ryan on the other showed a great deal of poise and respect. I wish he could have been a little more aggressive but overall, he did a good job and matched every comment that Biden made and more.  His closing statement was far better than Biden’s.  Dealing with the wacko Biden was not his only problem. He also had to deal with a very poor mediator who constantly cut off him during his answers. It seemed at times he was debating not only Biden but her.

Sure Biden was more aggressive and that probably sat well with some people. But I expect our elected officials to show class, character, respect and calmness when faced with adversity. A true leader does not act like Biden did during the debate. It was Ryan who showed what a true leader is. Unfortunately, we have too many politicians both Democratic and Republicans who act like Biden did and you wonder why people dislike and distrust elected officials. My friend VP Joe Biden gave a great a performance on how to act like a jerk and unfortunately, it undermined any positive things he may have garnered during the debate.


Are we really better off 4 years later?

A common question brought up during the campaign season is whether we as a country are better off now than when a certain particular president, Republican or Democrat took office. Many people use this question and this question alone when voting for a particular candidate.  It is a crucial barometer in trying to determine whether a president should get re-elected or be a one termer. Which leads me to my topic on whether we are better off now, Oct 2012 than 4 years ago.

I think you can nick pick this question to death.  Maybe someone won a lottery during the past 4 years(not yours truly!!) or got a nice and promotion at work.  It is all relative to your own personal situation.  But as a whole, are we really better off? I’m talking about the typical American like myself who gets up every morning and puts in a 40 hour work week.  I believe for most Americans, the answer is a resounding no and here is why.

A simple test for this is to look at what your income level is minus your typical expenditures.  First of all, the average household income in this country has fallen nearly 5000 dollars in the past 4 years. People are simply not making what they used to and many companies have frozen wages or forced people to work fewer hours or part-time. Those unemployment numbers do not tell the whole story. Many people in this country have jobs but are way underemployed and are just making enough to get by.  The number of people on food stamps has risen during this time from 32 million to almost 49 million.

What are some of the things that people normally purchase with their money? The price of gas has doubled in the past 4 years.  People are spending more of their take home money on gas and not spending it on other things that would really boost the economy. When I spend 40 bucks a week on gas, I cannot afford to go out and purchase that fancy new electronic gadget.  Higher gas prices also have a big effect on the price of groceries. If you think gas prices are getting high, just look at the price of groceries. They are going through the roof!! I almost have to take  out a loan from my bank when I do my grocery shopping! I feel sorry for the large families.

Not only are people hurting but the government is getting deeper and deeper into debt. Another 5 trillion has been added to our national credit card with no end in sight. We have elected politicians who cannot grasp the concept of simple basic accounting. Why we vote for these clowns is beyond my comprehension. And the value of  our dollar is declining. This will really hurt our economy and can be linked to those higher gas prices.

On November 6th, everyone can make their own choice and do something about it. But facts are facts.  Maybe you are doing well but many, many people are struggling and things have not really gotten that much better. This is the United States and people deserve better in this country.


Obama’s big advantage

Gimme an O, gimme a b, gimme an a, gimme a m, gimme another a. What does it spell? You are correct, Obama.  If that sounds like something you might hear when you tune in to the evening news on ABC, CBS or especially NBC (National Barack Company) you are absolutely correct.  The networks are full of cheerleaders for the president and not only on television, but in many newspapers as well.

When I tune in for a newscast, I expect a very fair and unbiased approach to the news, especially concerning politics.  People generally form their own opinions from what they see being reported on the news. Most people do not bother to research any of the candidates and pretty much just go on the information given to them on the network news or what is reported in the paper.  A news organization or newspaper can have a huge impact on the election based on how much negative or positive coverage they give a certain candidate.

A classic example of the media bias took place just recently after the killing of a U.S. ambassador on September 11.  All of the major networks decided to focus their attention on the comments of  Mitt Romney and whether he spoke way too soon about the attacks.  Instead the coverage should be been focused on the Obama administration and how much they knew about the attacks. Many in the media went along with their lame excuse that it was caused by a mob upset over a film. Funny, but just recently it was discovered that this was a full-fledged terrorist attack on an embassy with very little security. Where was the unbiased reporting on this and why were the networks not covering this apparent cover up like they should be doing? Why wasn’t the president taken to task for this incident?

The same biased reporting can be said of many newspapers in this country too and many news outlets on the internet. Instead of taking Obama to task for some of his policies which have only made matters worse in this country, they are taking aim at Romney with lies and distortions.  Some do it in a very small but effective way with negative headlines.  I often chuckle to myself when I see reporting on the polls. So why should I even vote? They make it sound like the election is in the bag for Obama.  What they do not tell us is how the numbers are heavily Democratic skewed and not a true sample of the people who will actually vote.

The media bias is probably the worse that I have ever seen. But I have to admit they are doing a good job of being a part of Obama’s re-election campaign. With a vast amount of pom-pom waving media members for Obama, how can he possible lose?  We will see how effective they are on November 6th when the real polls come out.