Romney’s comments on the 47 percent

The other day, a videotape was released of Governor Mitt Romney speaking at a fundraiser. In the video, Romney was talking about the 47 percent of Americans who pay no income tax and referred to them as people who believe they are entitled to government handouts. He also mentioned that many of them are probably Obama supporters so they probably are not worth the time to campaign for. Immediately, his comments were severely criticized by many and some in the media predicted this would be his great downfall.

First of all,  I do not fully support his comments at all.  They were very insensitive to a number of people and do not speak fully of every one of the 47 percent.  There are many people in this country who depend on government assistance ranging from senior citizens, people with disabilities, war veterans etc..  Every single person in this country could at one time or another need some kind of government assistance to get by on. Many people have lost jobs and I can guarantee you that almost all of them are not proud of it and are rather humiliated to be on some sort of government assistance such as food stamps. I know many who are trying hard to get their feet back on the ground.

However, there are another group of people who relish those government handouts and freebies and I think Romney was really referring to those freeloaders. You know, those people with the fancy cell phones, flat screen televisions, nice furniture but for some reason, they need to have those EBT cards to buy groceries. Nothing makes my blood boil more than having to support some freeloader who is living off of MY TAX MONEY!!! These are the people who give the 47 percent a bad reputation and for every person who really needs government assistance, there are probably a couple who do not need it.

I think Romney’s  comments can actually start a good discussion in this country about the role of government and how we can help these people. I am very disappointed in President Obama’s decision to lessen the work requirements for welfare.  The best way to help a person on welfare is to help them find a job, not give them more handouts!! During the last 4 years, an additional 15 million people have been put on food stamps and that is just not acceptable. I hope Romney drills Obama on this subject. In fact, many of Obama’s policies have resulted in more people seeking government aid.  We simply cannot afford to have so many people on government assistance and welfare reform along with job creation is a crucial campaign issue.

A society with fewer people relying on the government is a better more productive society. Save the hard-earned tax payer money for those who really need it.  Romney was somewhat right in that respect but I wish he would be a little more sensitive next time and explain to those 47 percent how his policies could help them more than President Obama’s.


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