Thoughts on the anti-American protests and the U.S response

The big topic in the news during the past week has been the anti-American demonstrations and tragic killing of Americans on the 11 year anniversary of 9/11. It is believed that these protests are the result of a low quality, cheap film which made fun of the prophet Mohammad. I find it rather appalling that so many Muslims are so up in arms over a silly little film clip. I realize that poking fun at another religion group is not always proper and can be very insulting but is it right to retaliate with violence and chants of death to the people responsible? The God I worship teaches of loving your enemies and turning the other cheek when people put down you or your religion. God will take care of those people not you!! I know most Muslims are very peaceful and good people but there is a growing number of these radical Islamics who pose a great danger to the world and must be dealt with.

I find the White House response to this situation and as a whole, it’s foreign policy towards the Middle East to be very pathetic. First of all, how can you possibly thumb your nose at Israel? To me, that is a huge mistake. Israel is and always has been a big ally of the United States. Supporting and giving tax money to organizations wanting to blow Israel off the map is totally wrong. It is crucial to have a good relationship with Israel but our president doesn’t seem to think that is important. He apparently seems to think that fund raising for his re-election campaign is more important than meeting with the leader of Israel.

Also, how can a president of the United States be so naive to think he mend fences with those radical groups? These extremists  have one goal and one goal only. They want everyone to adhere to their radical views not only over there but here in the United States. Imagine this country if we had to follow the ways of Islam and Islam only? If we continue to play softball with these groups, that is exactly what will happen. All of our freedoms will go down the drain if that happens.

I find it hard to believe that all this unrest was strictly the result of the film but it sure did light a match of anti-American hate which has been brewing for a long time. Killing innocent Americans overseas is something that has to be dealt with harshly!! We need to these extremist thugs that there will be severe punishment for your actions. Playing nice guy to these organizations will not work, period!! Besides our slow recovering economy, our foreign policy in the middle east is a very crucial campaign issue. We need to flex our muscles at these punks before it is too late. It seems like the incumbent is totally clueless in this area.


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