Those fantasy football fanatics

The end of summer is often associated with back to school shopping, final trips to the beach or lake and cooler temps, but for many sports fans across the nation, it is draft time for their fantasy football league. All that summer preparation boils down to one session of making sure you draft the right mix of players and team defenses so you can rule your league.

I love the NFL but have never played fantasy football. Several of my friends and co-workers play and it is amazing how obsessed people become over fantasy football.  My work place is a prime example of the passion people have with the leagues.  I swear some of my co-workers stay up long into the night while breaking down film of all the players available for the draft!! It is their big chance for glory if they end up winning the league!! The topic of conversation on Friday is dominated by talk of who is going to play whom and what players they will be playing.  Before leaving on Friday for the weekend, I often hear my co-workers wishing their fellow fantasy competitors good luck.

As you can imagine, Monday is a very interesting day at the office.  I often chuckle when I hear how some guy got screwed out of points because his kicker missed a simple 30 yard field goal.  Or hearing some guy boldly proclaim how he totally destroyed his opponent! I often wonder what it would be like to hang with these guys on a Sunday afternoon. Worse yet, what about their poor wives or girlfriends?  I have enough stress on Sunday just following my favorite NFL team!! I cannot imagine trying to keep track of my players. Isn’t Sunday suppose to be a day of rest and relaxation?

The winner of the fantasy league, that several of my co-workers take part in,  gets a nice cash prize and trophy. Having that nice football shaped trophy sitting at their desk is something they all dream about.  They also want to avoid getting last place in the league which is rewarded with a toilet bowl lid and the shame of having that prize being hoisted onto a cubicle wall.

Some day, I will join the millions of fanatics who play fantasy football. I highly doubt I will read every fantasy football magazine and watch the NFL network 20 hours a day.  Having success is largely just being lucky. I want to wish everyone who is playing fantasy football this year the best of luck and have fun. Hopefully, nobody else will have to endure the humiliation of having a toilet lid hanging 0n their office cubicle!!







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