Romney’s great pick for VP

Finally!! The suspense is over. After weeks of speculation on who Mitt Romney will pick as running mate, the mystery was put to rest yesterday with the announcement that Paul Ryan, the chairman of the budget committee will be the vice president nominee. I think Romney made a very wise move in picking one of the bright young minds in Washington.

In my opinion, the biggest issue facing the country today is the run away spending that is taking place in Washington. Our national debt is increasing at an alarming rate with no end in sight.  This problem affects every single American and we should all be concerned.  We are heading toward bankruptcy which would totally ruin this country. Many politicians including the current administration simply do NOT GET IT!! But Paul Ryan does.  He was courageous enough to put together a budget which would deal with the problem and help grow our economy.  That is what true leadership is all about.  Ryan is a refreshing young star in the Republican party.

Of course, no sooner had the announcement come out when people started mocking the pick and calling Ryan an extreme conservative. You may remember someone saying that “Ryan wants to push Granny over the cliff”.  Medicare funding is a growing problem in this country. If we do not do anything about it now, it will be bankrupt in 12 years.  These programs are just not sustainable and must be dealt with. Ryan has a plan which deals with Medicare and other entitlement programs.  It may not be a popular plan with some people but I have to ask those who are crying about the cuts, Do we want to end up like Greece and other European countries where runaway spending has killed their economies? I would rather deal with the problems now before it is too late.

I admire the vision and courage that Paul Ryan has.  I highly doubt he nor any other person in Washington wants to throw Granny off the cliff. But if we don’t do anything now, we might have no other choice but to throw and many other people off the cliff because the government has no money!!  Paul Ryan is the type of leader this country needs.



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