The “you didn’t build that ” statement

A few weeks ago during a campaign speech, President Obama talked about business owners with his famous “you didn’t build that” speech. He talked about how there was probably some teacher who helped them in the past and about how someone else built the roads they use for their business.

I agree in some respects with the President’s words but have some issues with the overall theme of his speech. Anyone who ever has built a business has indeed gotten some help from others. It takes many good people ranging from employees to good loyal customers to make a business successful. No business owner can honestly say they did it completely by themselves. Of course, the successful business owner did not built that road right? Hahaha! They did not actually build that road but the high taxes he pays probably funded the road. So the president is way off in saying the business owner had nothing to do with building that road. It is just another silly remark by the president

Somewhere along the line, that person had a vision, a dream to operate a business and make it work. He or she made the effort, took risks and gambles, made the proper decisions to make that business grow and prosper. They are the ones with the final say on hiring the right people and making sure all the pieces are in order. To have the leader of our country stand up and pretty much disrespect many business owners is very sad. Instead, how about give some credit to the people who have worked so hard to get where they are at. Most average Americans could not run a business so give just a little bit of credit where credit is due Mr. President.

Maybe if the President should have said that I am here to help your business out. Like lowering the corporate tax rate so business owners can afford to compete with other countries. Or not calling for higher taxes for those making over 250 grand a year which includes many business owners. Or lessening many regulations which makes life difficult for those trying to start a business. Just a few of many things the president could help any business owner. But being a former community organizer and not a businessman probably makes these ideas hard to grasp for the president.

I agree that any business owner along the way got some help. Unfortunately these days, big government is more of hindrance than a help to any business. I just wish certain politicians would realize that business owners actually helps out the government more than the government helps out a business owner. Give business owners their just due.


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