The Chick-fil-a controversy

A few weeks, the CEO of a major fast food chain, Chick-fil-a, Dan Cathy was asked in a interview if he supported gay marriage. Cathy replied that he supported the traditional marriage of one man and one woman. Once word got about Cathy’s remarks, a firestorm of hate was released at Cathy and the chain. Some people were immediately calling for boycotting Chick-fil-a and certain mayors did not want the franchise anywhere near their city. According to these people, Chick-fil-a is nothing but a bigoted franchise that do not reflect the values of their people. Oh really!!!

Personally, I think the uproar is absolutely silly. While I don’t like companies getting involved with social issues such as gay marriage, Cathy’s remarks should not have come as a surprise to anyone. Chick-fil-a is a Christian based restaurant chain that is not open on Sundays. Believe it or not, it has and continues to hire gay workers so how can the franchise be called bigoted? According to some of those gay workers, they were treated with respect and dignity. It is very unfortunate that people seem to make such a quick generalization about a company which is tolerant to many types of people. Their stance on gay marriage just reflects the teachings of the bible which the company models after.

I find it rather sad that many gay marriage supporters stress the word tolerance towards gays but when someone disagrees with them, then they themselves are not very tolerant. My local Target store supports gay marriage but just because I disagree with their stance does not mean that I will stop shopping there. I respect their viewpoint even though i disagree with it. I wish people would just grow up and respect other people’s views and statements. Tolerance is a two way street!!!



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