A sad epidemic in America

The current health care debate has dominated the news during recent weeks. I found it rather interesting and ironic that just before the supreme court ruling on the law, a study came out on obesity and the findings were rather startling. Nearly half of all adults living in this country are classified as being overweight and a growing number of children and young teens are also overweight. I think lost in the discussion over this new law is actually taking responsibility of your own health and it appears that many Americans simply are too lazy and undisciplined to do so.

Imagine a country where everyone ate healthy, did not smoke and exercised regularly. I am willing to make a safe bet that the number of people visiting the doctor or getting treated for some ailment would be rather low. Furthermore, the demand for health care would be low and just maybe the cost of might go down? Maybe I am making this way too simple but I strongly believe controlling costs starts with you and me. What can I do to minimize the amount of care that I receive? Most younger people are oblivious to this question. They think they can eat anything, smoke a pack a day and think they will be healthy for the rest of their lives. Then it hits suddenly one day. A diagnosis of heart disease, diabetics or cancer. It will happen some day, believe me!! And by then, it may too late.

It should come as no surprise to anyone about these findings on obesity. People in this country are becoming more less active than ever before especially young people.  They would rather just sit in front of the computer all day instead of going to the park for a game of hoops with their friends. A majority of jobs in this country involve sitting in front of a computer for hours at a time. When it is time for lunch, it is easy to just head down to a local fast food place and eat a high caloried meal. Anyone who has ever eaten at one of those places knows what I am talking about.  It seems that the portions are getting bigger and bigger. And then it is back to work for more sitting around and finally to home for a night of television viewing while lying on the coach.  Not exactly the best way to burn off those McDonald’s calories. Clicking the remote only burns about 5 calories an hour!!

It really does not take a lot of effort to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I have for most of my life and it becomes a habit after doing it for a while. Exercising is not always fun but it can be if you find creative ways of doing it. Doing it at the same time everyday is a great way to get into the habit. There are many tasty healthy foods to choose from and before you know it, you will never step foot into a fast food joint again. You will feel so much better about yourself if you just take a few steps to improve your health.  Not only will it help you now, but also down the road as you age. I don’t know about you but I want to be healthy and strong during my senior years instead of constantly going to the doctor or hospital for medical problems.

It is really a choice every American has to make. I just don’t like subsidizing some person who does not have the discipline to take care of themselves. If everyone did their part, maybe we could find health care affordable.



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