My addiction to ice cream

Let’s face it people. We all have our own little guilty pleasures that are not necessarily good for us. For some, it might be lighting up that cigarette or cigar. Maybe you have an addiction to a strong brew of high caffeinated coffee in the morning. Many people have addictions to certain types of sweets such as chocolate or a food high in fat content such as a BK double whopper. Nobody can honestly say that they are excluded from these type of things. For me, it is ice cream.

I know ice cream is a dairy product and has some nutritional value. But with all the sugar and fat that is contained in a cup of ice cream, it might be one of the most unhealthiest foods out there.  But that doesn’t stop me from having my daily serving of ice cream each day, not a lot, 2 scoop max, but just enough to satisfy my craving. I can do without cookies or cake but I need my ice cream!! It is mandatory that I have a certain amount in my freezer everyday. If not, I become emotionally distressed and cannot function and do everyday things.

Like most people in this country who blame their problems on someone else, I point to my mother as the source of the problem.  It all started when she took me to the Dairy Queen for the first time during my early childhood.  It was just a simple dilly bar that got me hooked. I just fell in love with the nice, cold, smooth and sweet taste of ice cream and the addiction has only gotten stronger as I have gotten older.

I have tried to break the addiction several times. Once, I decided to go to ice cream eaters anonymous but that did not help. I felt intimidated in that group because I was by far the skinniest person in the room. They recommended alternative desserts such as yogurt or dipping a celery stick in a small amount of chocolate. I decided to go with the yogurt plan and it worked for a few weeks. I was on my way.

Then one hot summer night, I drove past a local Dairy Queen and in a moment of weakness, I  stopped in and ordered a blizzard. It was just what I needed and fulfilled my craving!! Forget about the yogurt! I was back with my ice cream!! We were reunited again.

I have many favorite flavors and tend to have a favorite of the month. I always like odd flavors like coffee or espresso chip. It’s all good!! Perhaps I should mix in a little broccoli in my next dish of ice cream so I don’t have that guilty feeling. Nah, why waste a good thing?!!


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