The NBA finals, the evil empire vs the kids

Finally!! With July 4th only about 3 weeks away, the NBA will conclude their season with a fantastic series between the Miami Heat and the Oklahoma City Thunder. Both teams are loaded with stars and the matchup between the two best players in the game, LeBron James and Kevin Durant should draw many viewers.

I compare this series to a pro wrestling battle for the championship belt. On one hand, you have the glamour and glitz of the Miami Heat and the city itself. They represent the bad guys, the team everyone hates.  It is hard not to forget the celebrating and hoopla surrounding the decision of LBJ to take his talents to South Beach.  This team hadn’t even played a game and already they were  proclaiming themselves the next dynasty of basketball. I respect the Heat and it’s organization but that talk really turned me and many other fans off. It should come as no surprise as to why nobody likes this team.

On the other hand, you have the new, fresh, upstart team from Oklahoma City with its classy superstar Kevin Durant.  Durant is not a player who will make tabloid headlines. He just goes out and plays ball. Another reason to like OKC is that it is a smaller market team and you have to love when smaller, less glamorous cities do well. I doubt very few players will come out and mention that they want to take their talents to Oklahoma City.  Sure it is great for the league to have New York and LA do well but having these small market teams do well is just as important. I also love the enthusiasm of their fan base. It is the only major professional team in town and fans really get behind their team.

I believe this series is pretty much a pick em. OKC probably has a more overall talented team but Miami has the experience factor going for them and I believe LeBron is on a mission to finally win a title. The team’s superstars will probably wash each other out so the team with better bench and role play will probably win the series. I just have a funny feeling that the evil empire will come through and LeBron will have a monster series. Heat in 7.



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