The loss of a radio icon

If you live in any major metropolitan area like I do, chances are  you have your own favorite local radio and television personalities.  When that particular person comes on the air, you listen intently and do not even think about hitting another preset button on your car radio.  That individual is highly entertaining and makes you forget about sitting in a traffic jam.  The Twin Cities area had such a radio personality in Dark Star and he will be sadly missed. The Darkman passed away unexpectedly last week.

Dark Star was one of only a hand full of radio personalities that I actually enjoyed listening to in this area.  He was very articulate and interesting. One thing that separated him from other talk show hosts was his boldness and willing to make predictions.  I often find talk show hosts, who are willing to go out on a limb, to be very enjoyable. Not only could he talk about sports but he was not afraid to throw in other non-sports related issues.  How refreshing is it to hear a sports talk show host who actually reads the WHOLE newspaper and is knowledgable in more areas than just sports.

I have heard many stories from people about how generous and caring Star was and how he would give the shirt off his back, even his enemies. I heard a very touching story from a young employee at KFAN (the station Star was most recently employed at) and how he went out of his way to help him get his show started and line up guests for his new show. People like that are rare these days, especially in business but the Darkman was always looking out for others.

I will greatly miss the Darkman on the radio and the sports show he was a part of. How can anyone forget those classic arguments with him and another legend in this town, Sid Hartman? It is funny how those guys acted like they were going to kill each other on the show, then go out to eat afterwards. RIP Darkman,  we were blessed to have you in this town. Talk radio and the Sunday sports show will not be the same without you.


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