Companies stance on gay marriage

A few weeks ago, a fortune 500 company located here in Minnesota, General Mills announced that they were not supporting the gay marriage amendment which will be voted on by Minnesotans this November.  Other companies not only here, but throughout the country have come out and publicly opposed the amendment.

I strongly believe that companies should remain hush when it comes to controversial issues such as gay marriage and other social issues.  I understand that companies want to put out the image that they are very diverse and will accommodate all different types of people. I agree in that regard. In fact many companies will hire and are friendly to gay workers.  Many are very bright and talented people who are great workers and can add a lot to a company.

But the issue of gay marriage is a moral issue and many people in a company may not agree with their stance on the issue. This can cause a serious backlash and may cause some very talented employees to leave because of their beliefs. It also could have an effect on a company’s client base. Look at the backlash that happened with Starbucks. People were boycotting that chain because of their announcement of support gay marriage. Companies need to understand that many people are against gay marriage and coming out in support is a very risky proposition.

I often wonder why companies make so much of a fuss over this anyways. If a good portion of its workforce is gay, then I can see why they would want to promote their stance. But the fact is, only about 5 percent of the population is homosexual. So why is so much PR being spent trying to accommodate only a small percentage of the workplace?

I just wish that companies would stay out of these controversial issues. It might be the best business decision they will ever make.


Sandusky got what he deserved

Late yesterday evening, a verdict was reached in the Jerry Sandusky trial. He was found guilty on 45 of the 48 charges against him for having inappropriate sexual relations with some disadvantaged youngsters.

The more stories I read about this guy, the more upset I become with him and the Penn St. athletic department as a whole.  Any human being who sexually fondles young, innocent children deserves the book thrown at him or her. It is alarming that this went on for the length of time that it did.  A big thumbs down to the athletic department for not acting quickly and appropriately when the first incident took place.  Sandusky should have been put on administrative leave right away and a full-fledged investigation should have taken place. But instead, they let him off the hook and he continued with his sexual activities on children.

Eventually evil people in this world get their just reward sooner or later and Sandusky finally got his.  I don’t like to wish ill on anyone but this sexual predator needs to be locked up in prison. He is a risk to society and was bound to do it again and again to young, unsuspecting children. My only hope is that he acknowledges his evil ways and repents while in prison.

It is sad to know that many of the victims are affected emotionally for the rest of their lives by what Sandusky did to them.  I just hope this will serve as a good lesson for other institutions. Sexual predators are among the most troubled people on earth and do not deserve freedom. Luckily, the jury gave Sandusky what he deserved.

My addiction to ice cream

Let’s face it people. We all have our own little guilty pleasures that are not necessarily good for us. For some, it might be lighting up that cigarette or cigar. Maybe you have an addiction to a strong brew of high caffeinated coffee in the morning. Many people have addictions to certain types of sweets such as chocolate or a food high in fat content such as a BK double whopper. Nobody can honestly say that they are excluded from these type of things. For me, it is ice cream.

I know ice cream is a dairy product and has some nutritional value. But with all the sugar and fat that is contained in a cup of ice cream, it might be one of the most unhealthiest foods out there.  But that doesn’t stop me from having my daily serving of ice cream each day, not a lot, 2 scoop max, but just enough to satisfy my craving. I can do without cookies or cake but I need my ice cream!! It is mandatory that I have a certain amount in my freezer everyday. If not, I become emotionally distressed and cannot function and do everyday things.

Like most people in this country who blame their problems on someone else, I point to my mother as the source of the problem.  It all started when she took me to the Dairy Queen for the first time during my early childhood.  It was just a simple dilly bar that got me hooked. I just fell in love with the nice, cold, smooth and sweet taste of ice cream and the addiction has only gotten stronger as I have gotten older.

I have tried to break the addiction several times. Once, I decided to go to ice cream eaters anonymous but that did not help. I felt intimidated in that group because I was by far the skinniest person in the room. They recommended alternative desserts such as yogurt or dipping a celery stick in a small amount of chocolate. I decided to go with the yogurt plan and it worked for a few weeks. I was on my way.

Then one hot summer night, I drove past a local Dairy Queen and in a moment of weakness, I  stopped in and ordered a blizzard. It was just what I needed and fulfilled my craving!! Forget about the yogurt! I was back with my ice cream!! We were reunited again.

I have many favorite flavors and tend to have a favorite of the month. I always like odd flavors like coffee or espresso chip. It’s all good!! Perhaps I should mix in a little broccoli in my next dish of ice cream so I don’t have that guilty feeling. Nah, why waste a good thing?!!

The NBA finals, the evil empire vs the kids

Finally!! With July 4th only about 3 weeks away, the NBA will conclude their season with a fantastic series between the Miami Heat and the Oklahoma City Thunder. Both teams are loaded with stars and the matchup between the two best players in the game, LeBron James and Kevin Durant should draw many viewers.

I compare this series to a pro wrestling battle for the championship belt. On one hand, you have the glamour and glitz of the Miami Heat and the city itself. They represent the bad guys, the team everyone hates.  It is hard not to forget the celebrating and hoopla surrounding the decision of LBJ to take his talents to South Beach.  This team hadn’t even played a game and already they were  proclaiming themselves the next dynasty of basketball. I respect the Heat and it’s organization but that talk really turned me and many other fans off. It should come as no surprise as to why nobody likes this team.

On the other hand, you have the new, fresh, upstart team from Oklahoma City with its classy superstar Kevin Durant.  Durant is not a player who will make tabloid headlines. He just goes out and plays ball. Another reason to like OKC is that it is a smaller market team and you have to love when smaller, less glamorous cities do well. I doubt very few players will come out and mention that they want to take their talents to Oklahoma City.  Sure it is great for the league to have New York and LA do well but having these small market teams do well is just as important. I also love the enthusiasm of their fan base. It is the only major professional team in town and fans really get behind their team.

I believe this series is pretty much a pick em. OKC probably has a more overall talented team but Miami has the experience factor going for them and I believe LeBron is on a mission to finally win a title. The team’s superstars will probably wash each other out so the team with better bench and role play will probably win the series. I just have a funny feeling that the evil empire will come through and LeBron will have a monster series. Heat in 7.


The ridiculous Wisconsin recall election

There are certain current events and news stories that really make me scratch my head.  The Wisconsin recall election is one of them. But then again, we are talking about the goofy world of politics so I guess anything strange is possible.

Scott Walker was elected governor of Wisconsin in November of 2010.  He won by a good but not overwhelming margin of about 5 percentage points.  Walker ran on a very fiscal conservative platform and over half of Wisconsinites seemed to agree with his message. However, there were many people, mainly union folks who did not like his message and decided to do anything in their power to remove him from office. They held union protests at the capital, protesting Walker’s decision to deny them collective bargaining rights and finally, a petition was formed to have a recall election. There is a law in Wisconsin that forces a recall election if around 500,000 signatures are collected.

During Walker’s term as governor, he cut a 3.6 billion dollar deficit to a surplus, created thousands of jobs, his state has one of the lowest unemployment rates in the country and was saving thousands of dollars for taxpayers. Sounds like he is doing a pretty good job to me!! Unfortunately a certain group of people decided it was not and wasted a lot of time and money trying to remove Governor Walker from office.  They had a problem with contributing a few extra dollars into their own pensions and health care. By the way, many people who work in the private sector like myself do not even have a pension.  I am not against those benefits but they should be on the same par as a private sector worker. Everyone has to make sacrifices when the money is not there or the economy is bad. Complaining about having your benefits slashed is being very selfish, especially when they are being paid for by the taxpayers.

Fortunately, few states have this ridiculous law. The only time an elected official should get recalled is when he commits a crime or some unethical act.  Forcing a recall because you do not agree with a policy is way off base!! If you do not like his or her policies, vote them out of office after their term is up. But do not waste time and taxpayers money on a silly recall which just happened in Wisconsin.

I want to tip my hat to the people over in the great state of Wisconsin for making the right chose in keeping Governor Walker in office.  Funny, but his ways and methods seem to be working. States cannot continue to give out these huge pension payments to public workers.  It is creating so many deficits and money problems in many states. I am not totally against unions. They have done some good things for workers but their overreaching is hurting our economy and jobs.  Some day, those union people will come to understand that Governor Walker’s policies will actually work and put more money into their pockets as well.



The loss of a radio icon

If you live in any major metropolitan area like I do, chances are  you have your own favorite local radio and television personalities.  When that particular person comes on the air, you listen intently and do not even think about hitting another preset button on your car radio.  That individual is highly entertaining and makes you forget about sitting in a traffic jam.  The Twin Cities area had such a radio personality in Dark Star and he will be sadly missed. The Darkman passed away unexpectedly last week.

Dark Star was one of only a hand full of radio personalities that I actually enjoyed listening to in this area.  He was very articulate and interesting. One thing that separated him from other talk show hosts was his boldness and willing to make predictions.  I often find talk show hosts, who are willing to go out on a limb, to be very enjoyable. Not only could he talk about sports but he was not afraid to throw in other non-sports related issues.  How refreshing is it to hear a sports talk show host who actually reads the WHOLE newspaper and is knowledgable in more areas than just sports.

I have heard many stories from people about how generous and caring Star was and how he would give the shirt off his back, even his enemies. I heard a very touching story from a young employee at KFAN (the station Star was most recently employed at) and how he went out of his way to help him get his show started and line up guests for his new show. People like that are rare these days, especially in business but the Darkman was always looking out for others.

I will greatly miss the Darkman on the radio and the sports show he was a part of. How can anyone forget those classic arguments with him and another legend in this town, Sid Hartman? It is funny how those guys acted like they were going to kill each other on the show, then go out to eat afterwards. RIP Darkman,  we were blessed to have you in this town. Talk radio and the Sunday sports show will not be the same without you.