The real American heroes

A few days ago, I heard an announcer talk about what a hero a certain player was for making a game winning shot to lift his team to victory.  The term hero is used very frequently in the world of sports. But in the grand scheme of life, these so-called heroic acts of making a crucial play to win a game pales in comparison to what many men and women do in our military  everyday and have for decades.

My real heroes have always been the men and women who have given their lives so that we can enjoy our many freedoms today. If it wasn’t for their efforts and sacrifice, we might be living in some totalarism type of country with few and little rights. Or our country would consistently be invaded by terrorists and we would be living in fear everyday. There is no more honorable way of dying than giving your life to this country.

I often hear stories about soldiers who sacrifice their own life in order to save several members of his combat mission. It tears me up when I hear of a soldier who covers himself up over a grenade to protect others from serious harm. That is really what taking one the team is really about! Many people in this country don’t even have 1o percent of the toughness that these soldiers have. Imagine putting yourself in harm’s way like these people do. I cannot even imagine doing it myself. That is far more heroic than being a star player in a big game.

During this Memorial Day weekend, many families will gather for barbeques, picnics and perhaps high school or college graduations. I think everyone should stop for a moment of silence and honor those who gave their lives for this country. These people are the true American heroes. We owe it to them.


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