That evil club in my golf bag

If you’re an avid golfer like myself, you probably have a few clubs in the your bag that you absolutely detest and try to find ways of not using them. An example would be the driver.  You would figure that a club with that huge of a sweet spot and the potential to sent the ball into orbit would be the favorite of any golfer.  But it is the least accurate club to hit and has helped many sporting goods stores in golf ball sales since many drives go wayward into the woods. Other golfers do not like hitting a 3 iron, myself included.  However, the club that has caused me the most pain on the course is none other than the putter.

Since I began playing golf on a regular basis about 15 years ago,  that club has caused me countless moments of frustration, heartaches, rising blood pressure, you name it!! There is nothing more frustrating on the golf course than putting for birdie and ending up getting a bogey. It surely is not the fault of the operator is it? I mean, how can someone with my athletic ability miss a 3 foot putt?  That is why golfers are constantly changing putters in hopes of having greater success.  It surely does not have anything to do with my setup or technique does it? Of course not! It all falls on the club that I am using.

I have used the same putter for about ten years and usually it has given me the same poor results. I have threatened many times  to send my putter into solitary confinement in the darkness of my storage area. Or send it flying into the nearest pond. But every time I get on the verge of doing so, my putter does something special for me like helping me drain that tough, breaking 30 footer for a birdie.

Then one day while watching the golf channel, it dawned on me. It is not the putter’s fault after all.  No wonder I am missing all those short putts. My head is moving up while I’m stroking the ball. It is all my fault!! The instructor mentioned that a good player should be able to put with a tree branch, well he was kind of exaggerating but I can see his point.  But I still hate my putter and some day, it may be found in the bottom of a pond at my golf course.  No piece of sporting equipment that I have ever owned has been so cruel and mean to me.


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