The gay marriage debate

Last week, President Obama finally came out and offered his support of same-sex marriages. The announcement really came as no surprise to me given Obama’s left-wing view on many topics. The whole issue of gay marriage is becoming a hot topic in this country and many states have or will be holding referendums on whether to set into constitutional law that marriage should be defined as a union between a man and woman.

I have friends who are homosexual and even though I disagree with their lifestyle,  I find many of them to be normal folks who just prefer to be with someone of their own sex. It really is none of my business who they date or what they do in the bedroom but it is my business when they demand to have the right to get married.

Imagine what this will lead into if all states were forced to legalize gay marriage? Suppose I was bisexual(which I am not!). Do I then have the right to marry both of my partners? I don’t you say, why not? You are discriminating against me you bigot!! If same-sex partners can get married, why not extend those rights to bisexual people? Or let’s not stop there. Suppose I wanted to marry my one of my hot cousins or my sisters.  I know this sounds foolish but I can just see those type of scenarios develop if we legalize gay marriage.  Why change an institution that has been with us for centuries?

I strongly believe in the old-fashioned marriage of having a wife and husband raising children. Studies have shown that children are more likely to grow up as successful, emotionally stable people when they are raised by both a man and a woman.  I don’t know how anyone can dispute that!! That is the real reward of marriage to society.

When we start to re-define what marriage should be, we are just heading down a slippery slope of messing up one of the world’s longest institutions. A person does not have a right to something is it affects someone else or society in a negative way.  I just wish people would look at the consequences of what gay marriage will lead to.



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