The cruelty of life

Recently, I read an article in one of the local papers about a young high school girl and her battle with cancer. She had lymphoma and battled the disease for nearly 2 years before her life ended at the young age of 17. It was extremely touching and inspirational to read about the young lady’s bout with the disease and the courage she demonstrated. A thought occurred to me while reading the article. I wondered what was going through her mind during the time she was fighting the disease. What are the odds of someone that young developing a terminal type of cancer? It has to be almost 1 in maybe 100,000? Here is a young lady who was supposed to be experiencing all the wonderful things that someone her age goes through . Then all of sudden, her life changes just like that. She probably had the totally opposite feeling of winning the jackpot. Why ME! Why is life so cruel to me!

I have seen first hand how cancer totally ruins and takes a person’s life away. I have seen people in hospitals who are just hanging on for dear life with the disease. It has to be one of the worst ways to die, seeing your body just getting eaten by the disease until death. Fortunately many forms of cancer are extremely treatable these days. But even if you have a treatable form, it is a very difficult journey to experience. And don’t say it cannot happen to me. Almost 35-40 percent of all people develop some form of cancer in their life time. There is not a person on this earth who is exempt from this awful disease. It is very sad when anyone gets the disease especially someone as young as this girl.

I think we all get down on certain silly little things in our lives. The truth is these problems are not even close as to what some people go through. I can’t help to think about the problems of most teenagers. Many do not like their physical appearance or maybe they are upset with a zit on their forehead. Compare those problems with having a terminal disease. It could happen to any teenager out there and unfortunately, it happened to this brave young woman.

I think this story really woke me up as to what is important in life. We and myself are very guilty of taking things for granted in life. We get upset and depressed if we break something or have a bad round of golf. But just remember there probably are many people out there who are dying in some hospital who wish they had another opportunity to break something or play another round of golf. Enjoy life while you can because there are no guarantees of not having your life turned upside down.


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