The best month for a sport’s fan

Nearly everyone,who is an avid sports fan like myself, has a favorite month for sports. You know how it goes. Suddenly, you are not seen around the clubs anymore, you fight with your wife or girlfriend over the remote and that recliner or couch develops a worn out spot because of the overuse you have caused. Yes my friends, it is the classic case of a great lineup of sporting events on television. In my opinion, there is no better month than April.

Now some people would disagree with me. Maybe if you’re a huge football fan, September is because of the opening of the NFL or college seasons. And March certainly has to be brought into the conversation.  But there is something about April which brings something for just about everyone.

The month typical starts off with the NCAA final four which, arguably next to the Super Bowl, is the biggest sporting event in this country.  With the popularity of office pools, the weekend has a great deal of interest even for those non-basketball fans.

After the tournament, comes the famed Master’s golf tournament. I believe it is the best major of the four and one that I enjoy watching the most. Some of the most captivating moments in sports have taken place during that tournament.  I was telling someone last weekend that heaven probably looks like that golf course. It is serious eye candy for the sport’s viewer.

Usually just before the Masters takes place is the opening of the baseball season.  Now sports fans have another option to an already crowded sports lineup.  Opening day of baseball is a very special event for many fans.

Besides the Masters and final four, my favorite events of the month are the NBA and NHL playoffs. After months of meaningless games on television, the games are so much more enjoyable to watch with everything on the line.  It is even more enjoyable when your favorite team is in the playoffs.  Life suddenly revolves around those playoff games.

And last but not least, how can we forget the NFL draft, yawn! I realize some fans spend hours watching the draft but why? ESPN has now expanded it to 3 days.  If you waste your Saturday watching the 3rd round picks, you need to get a life my friend!

Yes, April is a wonderful month and it is hard to keep up with all those events. But for the pure enjoyment of sport’s viewing, it is hard to top April.  Just don’t forget to take out the trash and say hi to your wife once in all during that month!



2 thoughts on “The best month for a sport’s fan

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