The individual mandate argument

Probably the most controversial and talked about issue with Obamacare is the individual mandate that requires all people to purchase health care by 2014 or pay a fine. Whether this is constitutional or not, is currently being decided by the Supreme Court and has caused quite a stir in this country.

One of the main goals of Obamacare is to get coverage for the 40-50 million people in this country without health insurance. I  get rather sick of hearing people say that this number of people cannot get health coverage. That is a bunch of baloney!! A good majority of people without coverage elect not to have it. It is not because they cannot pick up a plan or get some kind of coverage. They elect not to buy the product. Now all of a sudden those same people will be forced to buy something they do not wish to purchase. Is that fair?

In my opinion, that is totally unfair. Having the federal government forcing me to purchase something I might not use is a definite overreach of power. What is next, forcing me to trade in my current car because it uses too much gas and hurts the supply? It is just a start of giving the federal government more power than they should have.  Many people under 50 could do fine without any coverage and use the money on something else more to their liking. I do not think it is a good idea not to have coverage but it should not be forced onto anyone.

Forcing businesses to cover workers or pay a fine is another poor idea.  Who is to say a business will just pay the fine rather than cover its employee’s? A lot of  employers will simply lay off workers or not hire new ones to help offset the  cost of being forced to cover everyone.  A sure way to help increase the unemployment rate.

While I do agree that uninsured people do drive up health care costs during emergency visits, I disagree that covering everyone will suddenly make it more affordable. Perhaps we ought to look into what really drives down the price of a product, competition. Suppose we had more choices for health coverage and could purchase health insurance in other states similar to buying car insurance. Let the private, free market work its course instead of having more folks on a federal program which is doomed for disaster and is very costly.

Fixing our health care problems is, no pun intended, no quick fix. If your going to force folks to buy health coverage, why not regulate tobacco companies, fast food products, monitor people’s lifestyles etc..?  Smoking is one of the leading causes of health problems and forces more people into health care.  Maybe the federal government should ban all McDonald’s or Burger King stores. Or force them all to serve nothing but fat-free salads.

Having the government force a product down our throats is just not good policy and will lead to other mandates. In the business world, there is a saying “There has to be a better way” I think that applies to Obamacare and the individual mandate.



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