NFL bountygate

One of the most disturbing sports stories in recent memory came out a few weeks ago with allegations that members of the New Orleans Saints were offered money if they could injure opposing players and force them to leave the game.

If anyone can remember back to the 2010 NFC championship game between the Saints and the Minnesota Vikings, there were numerous occasions when it appeared the Saints were trying to injure the Vikings quarterback, Brett Favre. I find it hard to believe the Saints were allowed to get away with some of the cheap stuff that went on during the game. Sometimes I wonder even if the referees were on the field! Not that I am making excuses for the Vikings loss, they didn’t deserve to win the game with all those turnovers and a stupid, costly penalty near the end of the game. But the referees also need to be taken to task for allowing late hits to occur and other illegal stuff.

I realize pro football is a seriously rough sport and hard-hitting is part of the game.  But to take cheap shots after the play is over with intent to injure is just plain wrong and needs to be dealt with severely. The NFL likes to fine and suspend players for far less serious infractions than this. If this is not dealt with soon, the league will be nothing more than some goon league with a pro wrestling type of mentality. Imagine how things would get out of control if teams decided to get revenge if they felt they were the victims of a bounty? It would not be pretty and there is the potential of numerous serious injuries and maybe even fatal ones.

I strongly believe in winning fair and these allegations are far from what I consider fair. A full fledged investigation should take place and any player found guilty should be suspended for several games and if it happens again, be banned from the league and fined heavily. A team that encourages this type of play should lose draft choices and be the subject of a massive fine. Pro football is a great sport and we do not need a few punks destroy the game for the many players who play by the rules.


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