Get rid of professional all-star games

Tonight, the NBA will hold their annual all-star game which is actually more of a glorified street ball game than an actual contest. I am not even sure defense is allowed to be played or else a player will be given a technical foul! And the same holds true of other all-star games. The NFL all-star game was a complete joke! I have seen more effort at a local park with a bunch of fat guys playing touch football. About the only one that really resembles a contest is the major league baseball game.

I have often wondered why pro sports even have all-star games. I’m sure it is a great honor for a player to be picked for the game but the level of effort at these games is really sad to see. For example, the NBA is playing a condensed schedule this year with many games in a short period of time. Do you think a player will go all out in one of these meaningless all-star games? I certainly would not. I would save my legs for the more important games coming up and not risk getting hurt. That was very apparent during the NFL game last month. The intensity level of that game was alarming. I would have rather watched a bowling match!

There is probably no real solution other than to simply cut these games out. If a want to watch a bunch of NBA all-stars play together, I will watch the Olympics.  The thought of watching a bunch of athletes play half heartedly  in a game that does not mean anything is not appealing to me. It is time for the major sports to scrap their all-star games or dramatically do something to make them more meaningful and interesting.





One thought on “Get rid of professional all-star games

  1. I agree…they’ve gotten really bad. The sad thing is that the NBA All-Star Game might be the most entertaining one left.

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