The voter ID debate

In just about every election these days, the dirty f word, fraud, is bound to come up.  For instance, how could names and addresses of registered voters not even exist when an investigation takes place? I know it has happened in this state. And there are always those cases when a bunch of ballots suddenly show up and many of them are in favor of a certain candidate. You would have to be very naive to believe that voter fraud does not happen.

In an effort to help curb this problem, many states are requiring people to show a picture id before they go in and vote.  While this is not the full proofed way of preventing all fraud from happening, it can go a long way for eliminating a good portion of it. Yet, there are several people who claim this method will discriminate against lower-income people, older people and college students.

I think that argument is a bunch of crap! First of all, this is the 21st century. How hard is it to get a picture id? You are required to produce a picture id for so many things. Something as important as voting should require an id. It’s a no-brainer!! When I go in and get my license renewed, the bureau place takes a photo of me. Why can’t we issue special id cards for those folks who do not have a photo id? I’m  sure there has to be some way of producing a photo id of everyone who wants to vote. Maybe it is not as simple as I make it out to be but getting a card with a picture on it should not be that difficult for crying out loud!!

Of course a lot of  this deals with partisan politics. Naturally, Democrats are opposed and Republicans are in favor. The thought is this will lower the turnout among poor people and help the Republicans.  I find it hard to believe that in this day and age, this is even an issue. If there is a will to vote, there should be a way.  Of course, it really boils down to people taking the incentive to actually get a picture id. The real issue is why more folks do not have one and what is their excuse.



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