Religious liberty and government mandates

The recent news of the controversy involving the Catholic church and the Obama administration regarding contraceptives brings up some very interesting points about how far the government should go in forcing mandates on people and institutions.

I personally feel it was a horrible blunder and very insensitive on the part of the administration to force this mandate on Catholic institutions. Every religion has certain guidelines and principles that they follow and teach. Apparently, the Obama administration figured they were above these things by forcing a mandate on those institutions.  You have to wonder if he would have done the same thing to a Muslim institution. Seriously!!  Thankfully and to his credit, he did kind of changed his stance but is it right to force insurance companies to cover contraceptives and force the premiums to go up?

Maybe while he is at it, Obama can force insurance companies to cover other areas such as pedicures, manicures, nose jobs, eye brow waxing, you name it! I thought health insurance was to cover major health issues like heart diseases and cancer. I can see in the very near future when full term abortion will be a required to be covered and imagine the controversy that would bring. That would be totally wrong!

These mandates are just the start of what could happen in this country in the very near future.  Forcing mandates on religious places is not the American way and not very constitutional.  A great thing about this country is the fact that we can have great religious freedom without  government intervention. Hopefully this can continue in the future.  The latest mandate will be remembered by this voter in November.


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