Linsanity hits the sporting world

First there was Tebowmania, now the sports scene around the country has another upstart athlete to pay attention to. His name is Jeremy Lin and he could very well be the next big superstar in the NBA, but unlike many of the big stars, this kid has basically come out of nowhere.

This country loves underdogs in sports and there is no greater example than Lin.  Up until about a week ago, I had never heard of this guy at all.  He was just another college player, never drafted and cut by a few teams. Somehow, he ended up with Knicks.  I recall watching Sports Center and seeing some unknown point guard for the Knicks pour in 23 in a game last weekend and not really thinking much about it. After all, the Knicks have terrible point guards so maybe this was just a one time occurrence. But Lin backed up it with a few more great games and suddenly he was creating a buzz in the sports world. Suddenly, this guy who was sleeping on his brother’s couch in New York since joining the Knicks, is the talk of the NBA.

Last Friday night, I decided to check out the Lakers vs Knicks game to see first and foremost who this kid is. And believe me, I was very impressed! Seeing him tear up Kobe and the Lakers was very special to see. You just had to be cheering for this guy!! I got goosebumps just watching and seeing the excitement he generated in the Garden and from the nation.

I have no idea if this will continue for Lin but this guy can play. He is a big inspiration to many border line players around the league and other sports too. He could of given up after being cut by two teams but he believed in himself and never gave up. Eventually his time came and he is making the best of it.  He is one of the better sports stories to come about in a long time and a big inspiration to many athletes. I just hope he can continue this play and become an all star.


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