Thoughts on the Republican nominee battle

Tomorrow is the day when the great people of this state, Minnesota,  hold their caucus to pick the Republican nominee. It has been quite a war so far with what, about 546 debates so far, endless accusations and mud-slinging. But now it appears to be pretty much a two-man race, which may change with Rick Santorum appearing to be picking up steam.  He many even win our state’s nomination.

Actually,  I believe all the candidates left are very solid and have some great ideas that I support.  I love Mitt Romney’s background in the private sector and his ability to balance the budget of his state without raising taxes. Newt Gingrich has many years of experience in Washington and his toughness and good conservative values are impressive as well. Santorum and Ron Paul have a good platform as well although I believe Paul’s foreign policy might be a little extreme. But essentially, Romney appears to be in the driver’s seat to get the nomination although anything can change in the next few months.

The whole idea is to pick a candidate that has the best chance to be Obama and it appears Romney may be that guy in my opinion.  In any election 1/3 of people will vote Democrat, 1/3 Republican no matter who the candidate is. The key is to pursuade the remaining 1/3 and Romney appears to be that guy.  He has a strong record as a governor and plenty of money for campaigning.  If you think his attack ads against Gingrich are bad, imagine what they will be like against Obama. And he will have plenty of them, believe me!!

On the negative side, Obama no doubt will run a class warfare campaign and  the revelation that Romney paid only 15 percent of his total income on taxes will be an issue, albeit all legal and within the system. But the average middle Joe or Jane out there doesn’t understand that and he may get the image as just some rich tax dodging millionaire. I can just see the Democrats coming out with bumper stickers saying,  ” I paid more taxes than Mitt Romney”.  His universal health care plan for his state is very much like Obama’s plan and that will be another issue as well.  His argument that it only fit his state is something he will have to hammer home with the voters.

I really like Newt Gingrich but the former Speaker of the House has some serious baggage issues, not necessarily with his past marriages, but with his time served as the Speaker. His ethic violations and criticism about his leaderships style, even coming from Bob Dole, is a concern . But I like his experience and seeing him debate  Obama would be a treat.

Late in the summer, a candidate will be picked. Then the real battle will begin in what promises to be one of the toughest presidential races of all time. Will the Republicans pick the right guy or are we in for another four more years of Obama? It should be very interesting to say the least!!


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