A different date for Halloween?

Someday when I become the president of the United States (hahaha, dream on!!), one of my first acts will be to change the date of Halloween to be on the last Saturday in the month of October.  I mean why not?  There are so many reasons why I believe this should be.

First of all, when I think of Halloween, I think of all those little trick or treaters running around and begging people for candy. Most of those little kids are in school for the day and with the excitement of going trick or treating at night on their mind, the level of concentration at school must be near zero. I know because I remember what it was like to sit in school and being all excited about Halloween and all that delicious candy that I was about to pick up.

But probably the main reason for the switch is for the adults. Having to run home from work and take the kids trick or treating must be a real hassle for the parents. Along with the other duties a parent must do at night like cook dinner, get the kids ready for bed and dealing with homework. Now imagine how different it would be if Halloween were on a Saturday night. Chances are that this would give the parents more time and even the kids could have more fun during the day and maybe have a little costume party before going out trick or treating.

And the local businesses and bars could have special events to celebrate the day. People are more in the mood to celebrate and have fun when a holiday falls on a weekend and a day off for many.  The only issue with this is having more drunk drivers on the road while kids are trick or treating.  This certainly would be a concern if the date were permanently changed to a weekend.

But overall, i think it would be a great change for both kids and adults. Imagine the fun and excitement of having Halloween fall on a Saturday every year.  I certainly believe this would add more luster to the holiday.




The foolish NBA

Like millions of people around the world, I am a huge fan of the national basketball association. Besides the NFL, it is my favorite professional sport. I attend a few games each year in person.  Last season was one of my favorite seasons of all time and although rumors of a lockout for this season persisted, I was certain the league and it’s players would come to their senses and settle things over the summer. Boy was I wrong!!

It is really hard to finger the blame at any one group. The players have made some good concessions during this lockout when they dropped their demand for a piece of the basketball related income from 57 to 53 percent. The owners want it down to 47 percent. Why not compromise and go with a 50/50 split? I don’t understand it!!

Another thing I don’t understand is some of these owners and the reckless contracts they give out. Giving some guy who averages only 5 points a game, a guaranteed 5 year, 25 million is insane! Every team in the league has a few guys on their roster with bad contracts. For owners to come out and say they want to guarantee a profit is very unreasonable if they keep on writing these bad checks and wasting money on unproductive players.  Just because you have a higher payroll does not necessarily mean you will have success.

On the other hand, the league really needs to fix the current system and ensure the smaller market teams have a legitimate chance to compete. After all, it is a 30 team league not just a 5 team league.  A very disturbing trend has been occurring during the past few years with star players jumping ship and going to bigger market teams. This trend is certain to continue in the current system. Something has to be done to teams such as the Lakers who go well over the salary cap and have to pay a luxury tax. But it really does not affect them as well as other teams, like a small market team with a limited payroll.  I do not necessarily think what happened with Miami during the past year is such a bad thing. It really creates a lot of interest in the league having teams with multiple star players.  But long-term, it is will kill over several small market teams and the NBA will eventually just be a 5-10 league team. And the league would take a huge hit with fewer teams.

I personally think the league ought to follow the example of the very successful NFL. They have a hard cap, good revenue sharing albeit by a huge television contract which the NBA could potentially get and a structure where small market teams like Green Bay and Pittsburgh can win the championship.  I strongly believe this the best way to maintain a healthy NBA for several years  to come.

The NBA had a superb season last year and has the potential to really strike gold in the future. However, a group of players and owners seem to want to flush all this down the toilet with their demands.  A lost season of NBA basketball would set the league back many years and I hope all parties involved realize this. Nobody will win if that happens. In the meantime, for us hoops fans, there is plenty of good college basketball to look forward to this winter.

The misguided Wall Street protesters

First it was the Tea Party, now a new group of citizens are protesting at various spots around the country. It appears their main gripe is the inequality between the rich and poor or something of that nature. It is the same lame class warfare game that liberals having been using for many years.

I respect those people in the sense that they care enough about a certain topic to spend and sacrifice time for their voice to be heard. After all, it is the American way.  But instead of wasting their time on Wall Street and other areas, they should focus their attention on the real problem, the folks in Washington and their policies. Blaming the 1 percent for all the problems in this country is being extremely naive and out of touch with reality.

The biggest issue facing the country at this time is jobs and the economy. And by jobs, I’m talking about good paying jobs, not minimum wage jobs that can barely support a family. Now, who out there will create those good paying jobs? Will it be some guy making 10 bucks an hour or some rich guy who has a vision of starting up his own company and creating jobs. I would put my money on the ladder. Those evil 1% that the protesters are targeting are the people who are the job creators of this country.  They also pay nearly 40 percent of all taxes while about 50 percent of the country pays no income taxes at all. Now is that fair? Perhaps some millionaire citizens will hold a rally protesting that too!

Instead of wasting time protesting and crying over the rich vs. poor, perhaps these group of citizens should join up with the tea party and protest the real problems this country is facing, out of control spending, huge debts, over-regulation and Obamacare.  All factors hurting economic and job growth along with corporations paying among the highest corporate tax rates in the world. Once these things are taken care of, more people will have good paying jobs and that so-called inequality between the high and low wage earners will narrow.