The Vikings 0-3 start

If you are a Minnesota Vikings fan like I am, these are not the best of times.  To see our favorite team in purple blow double-digit second half leads in 3 straight games is probably more hell than any football fan deserves to go through.  People are scratching their heads in amazement over the first 3 games of the season. Talk radio is filled with callers who offer their own take of things.  Like many of those arm-chair quarterbacks  who sound like know it all experts, I have to offer my 2 cents worth.

Last Sunday’s game against the Detroit Lions, a good and upcoming team, the Vikings had a 20 point lead at halftime and promptly game it up in span of about 20 minutes in the second half. How on earth can you blow a huge lead like that when you have the arguably the best running back in the game?  Just give him the ball, run some clock and let your defense rest. But instead, the running back  I am talking about, Adrian Peterson got just 5 carries and was not included in a critical 4th and foot ball in the 4th quarter. Unbelievable to say the least! Your best player should get the rock in clutch time. This bonehead move by the coaching staff is one of the problems of the early season.  I know they are new and all that stuff but when the other team is coming back in the game, it is time to make adjustments and this coaching staff has failed in that regard so far in the season.

The other main problem with the team is the quarterback play of Donavon McNabb.  A common theme for all the better teams in the league has been good quarterback play and McNabb has been a big disappointed so far.  I have seen better accuracy from high school quarterbacks! Let’s face it, this is becoming a throwing league and without a good quarterback who can throw the ball and make plenty of completions, your chances of winning really go down the tube.  I don’t know if he is hurt but the quarterback play has to be very concerning.

I never expected much from this team for the upcoming season.  My prediction was about an 8-8 or 9-7 record.  But with the way things are going, we may be lucky just to win a few games, if any at all. I guess this follows the pattern of  the rest of the losing teams in this town.



What we can learn from 9/11

Hard to believe but Sunday will mark the 10th anniversary of that awful day in September when a group of cowardly men unleashed the worst terrorist attack on American soil, killing thousands and creating mayhem unlike anything this country has every seen.  Just about everyone old enough, probably can vividly recall where they were when all those events unfolded. I certainly can and it was by far one of the toughest days I have every had at work. Many people probably feel the same way.  I just wanted to go home and watch the events on television. There was absolutely no concentration at work, period. It was like a really bad nightmare that would never end. What would happen next? Would I be safe or my family?

One of the things that really struck me after the events took place was the amount of patriotism that took place around the country.  Flags were everywhere and people really united together. It didn’t matter if you were poor and rich, Republican or Democrat, black or white and so on. We are all in this together. Many average Americans with families were killed that day and that really hit home with many people. I will never forget the scene of a bunch of Republicans and Democrats joined together in a show of unity on the steps of the Capitol building.  That was a truly unique show of solidarity!

Now flash ahead 10 years later and look at the state of this country. Those days of unity are far gone. There is fighting among many Americans especially concerning politics.  The name calling and violence is getting harsher and harsher. Now isn’t that what the cowardly terrorists really want? They want us to fail and go down as a nation. And believe me, we might be headed that way.

Unless people stop the bickering and start uniting together, this country is in danger of  falling apart and we will be easy pickings for any terrorist attack. No major attack has since 9/11 but there are many thugs out there who would like to do it all over again. Let’s remember that and unite together so another 9/11 doesn’t happen. My family and yours may be the next victims

Welcome to Losersville U.S.A.

There are many great things about the state of Minnesota. We have among the most educated and hard-working work people  in the country, plenty of  great lakes and scenery for the outdoor enthusiasts, lower than average unemployment and it’s a great place to raise a family. However, being a sports fan in this state has been a living hell for the past year!!

Our string of bad luck in the sports spectrum started on a Sunday evening in January of 2010 when the Vikings lost that gut wrenching, overtime game against the Saints for the NFC championship. Had the Vikings won that game, they probably would have gone on and won the Superbowl and we would not be having this discussion. But what got things really rolling was the following fall when the Twins got swept by the Yankees in the playoffs. Things just started to snowball from there. The Vikings had a rather surprisingly poor season last year and finished in the last place in their division. And then we have our fabulous winter sports teams, the Timberwolves and Wild to talk about.  The Timberwolves did improve last winter by 2 games from the previous season with a whopping 17 wins to go along with their 65 losses. The Wild once again failed to make the playoffs in a league where just about every team makes it. In fact, they were not even close to making the post season.

The Twins, like the Vikings have followed a successful season with a totally mediocre season. I expected the Twinkies to at least contend in a very weak AL central but as I write this, they are in dead last place, 20 some games out.  This team needs some serious overhauling in the offseason. I feel sorry for their manager Ron Gardenhire who has to manage this group of pansies! One of their star players had to sit out a game last week with a sore neck last week, yes a sore neck! The next thing you will see is someone going on the dl with a broken toe nail!

I cannot feel a lot of positivity for the Vikings this upcoming season.  I doubt they will finish better than 8-8.  Way too many holes and not sure they have fully solved the offensive line problems of last year.  And I expect another terrible season from both the Wild and Wolves this year. Although the future does look somewhat bright for both teams. Maybe the NBA strike in a good thing for the Wolves. They might not have a loss until January!

As a sports fan in this state, I just want the chance to get excited again with following a winning team but that may not come anytime soon.  But as they say, winning is a lot sweeter after you have gone through defeat. Things will eventually come around for us.  Who knows,  maybe the Vikings will win the Superbowl next February. Oh well, at least we can dream about it!!